Snake and Peony Tattoo Meaning [ Explained ]

Do you know the story behind this tattoo? It’s actually a Chinese saying that loosely translates to “safe and sound“.

Snake and Peony Tattoo

The snake is an emblem for wisdom and protectiveness, while the peony represents fertility. For those reasons, these tattoos are often done together for couples for good luck with conceiving children.

The snake and peony together is a symbol of harmony, and together they also symbolize the male and female principles. Traditionally, this tattoo was reserved for men, but nowadays it’s getting more popular for women to get this tattoo.

This is one of the most common traditional Chinese tattoos that have been embedded in local culture since ancient times. It’s also known as “Longevity Peony” among the Chinese people. Its meaning comes from the story of Wu Xiujing, the youngest son of Ren Zong who was banished to the hills to protect his younger brothers by a cousin and his mother according to ancient Chinese legend.

Other meanings of  Snake and Peony Tattoos

1) Harmony

Snake and Peony design is a popular tattoo that has been used since ancient times in China. It represents harmony and the union of the two principles (male and female) which are believed to be essential for the development of a harmonious society.

2) Family

It’s also commonly used as a family tattoo that is believed to bring good luck, so it was traditionally reserved for males. Some people choose this ink ink as their wedding day design.

Snake and Peony Tattoo

Is Snake and Peony Tattoo Painful?

These Chinese symbols are usually done in black ink, so it is possible that the tattooing process can be quite painful.

But overall, a snake and peony tattoo is not as painful as some people might think. It’s true that you have to have enough pain tolerance to endure the tattoo process, but generally these symbols are not as sharp or gnarly as other Chinese symbols.

Are Snake and Peony tattoos Expensive?

The cost of a snake and peony tattoo is between $500 – $1000. The prices vary depending on many factors such as the number of colors used to fill in the design and the place you get it done.

Snake and Peony back tattoo