Snowdrop flower tattoo meaning and symbolism

The shape of the snowdrop flower  (Galanthus nivalis) is said to mimic the physical appearance of tears, and it’s from that we mostly get its meaning.

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For some people, flower tattoos represent life and growth. For others, they symbolize love and femininity. The snowdrop flower tattoo can be all of these things depending on the person wearing it.

The symbolism of this tattoo is often said to represent life. It’s also frequently used as an ode to lost loved ones who’ve passed away. We see tattoos like this representing loss in many ways, from a single pot of flowers placed in remembrance to a more elaborate design with text and dates.

This tattoo may also be used as an ode to femininity, often being worn by women who have lost their mothers or wish to celebrate the lives of those who have helped them become independent and strong.

Such tattoos can also represent the beauty of women.

As for the tears, they aren’t always negative ; tears can be joyous or sad in nature, depending on the situation. The symbolism behind this tattoo can also be one of hope and positivity… and that’s what makes it such a beautiful tattoo.

Some facts about snowdrop flowers

The snowdrop flower (Galanthus nivalis) is one of the few flowers to bloom in wintertime. Its bloom heralds the coming of spring, and so it’s also called the “fair maid of February.”

In old Norse mythology, it is said that there were once three snow maidens known as the “Langbardokur,” or Long Hair Maidens. Together they formed a single god named Ullr. These maidens lived by a river in a forested land where they would bathe, weaving snowdrop flowers.

The three maidens were later turned to snowdrops by a vengeful Norse god for comparing him to the size of his manhood (not knowing that he was listening in).

Snowdrop flower tattoo ideas

Meaningful snowdrop flower tattoos can come in many shapes, sizes, and even colors depending on your personal preference. Other meanings associated with this type of flower include purity , hope , friendship , health , rebirth , and protection .

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If you’re considering a tattoo that symbolizes grief or femininity, make sure you do plenty of research before getting one for yourself. It’s important to understand the symbolism behind every element included in the design, and also to understand the meaning behind each color.

The snowdrop flower is such a special flower, and when inked onto your skin, it can be one of the most beautiful tattoos you’ll ever wear!


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