Snowflake tattoo meaning and symbolism.

Snowflake tattoos may be worn as a symbol of winter, cold weather and winter sports like skiing and ice skating. They’re also popularly given as ‘prom tattoos’ or to commemorate loved ones who have died in the winter months. Snowflakes are often used by children to depict their height on an icy door opening.

Snowflake arm tattoo
Snowflake arm tattoo @ tattooist_gaon

Other meanings of snowflake tattoos


They’re also a popular symbol of friendship, with each line and addition representing another friend in life.

hope and thrive under pressure

Snowflake tattoos also represent hope in the future, and in some cases represent an individual’s ability to withstand forces and situations which make them feel cold or under pressure. This is because snowflakes are formed in extremely low temperatures and high pressures, ideal for their survival and the growth of future snowflakes.


The idea of a ‘snowflake’ is also symbolic of an individual – just like how no two snowflakes are alike, each person has their own unique personality which makes them special and unlike anyone else in the world. This uniqueness also suggests that there isn’t another person out there just like the wearer of a snowflake tattoo. The exception to this being identical twins, who both have exactly the same DNA and personality traits!

winter sports

The idea of winter sports can also be present in a snowflake tattoo, as they’re often associated with cold weather which is common during winter. This meaning lends itself well to tattoos worn by Olympic athletes after representing their country in the winter games.

femininity and modesty

Snowflakes are often associated with femininity, which is why they’re popularly given to cheerleaders or girls on prom night (it’s also a common tradition for children to draw snowflakes next to their height on an icy door).

spirituality and purity

Snowflakes are also associated with spirituality and purity, as they’re so delicate and beautiful. This meaning represents the wearer’s good intentions and piety towards God or a higher power. Snowflake tattoos can also symbolize their owners’ connection to the universe and life itself, especially if multiple snowflakes are present in the design.

cold and wintery environment

If a snowflake tattoo is placed in an area that is famous for having cold weather, it can also symbolize this. This could include places like Canada or Siberia (in Russia), where there’s extremely cold weather and long winters. People who live in these areas often keep warm with multiple layers of clothing, which is why snowflake tattoos are popular in such climates.

the memory of a loved one

And finally, snowflake tattoos are often given to commemorate a loved one who has died during the winter months or due to cold weather. This meaning can be used to celebrate their life and keep them close to your heart, especially if the snowflake is placed on an area that frequently reminds you of them (e.g a wrist tattoo).

Snowflake tattoo colors and their meanings


Simple and elegant, snowflake tattoos are often black and white due to the lack of color in icy snowflakes. This well known color scheme also lends itself well to minimalist designs which focus more heavily on the shape of the design rather than its colors.


Black is a simple and understated ink that can be used for a variety of tattoo designs. Snowflakes look equally as good in black ink, especially if they’re stylized to resemble their original icy form.


Blue is a popular color for snowflake tattoos due to its connection to winter sports and cold weather. In this instance it symbolizes the wearer’s passion for the subject matter, or just a general connection to cold weather and snow.

Snowflake ancle tattoo
Snowflake ancle tattoo @freyjagueventattoo


For those who want something a little brighter, green is another option for a snowflake tattoo! The color can also represent winter sports or have a naturalistic meaning, as the idea of snowflakes may be related to images of forests and trees covered in frost.


Purple is a beautiful and feminine shade that looks great against pale skin, making it a popular choice for those who want to get a small and discreet snowflake tattoo.


Red ink may be used as an accent color for a snowflake tattoo, or as the main ink if red is your favorite color! It can also represent femininity and love, making it an ideal choice for relationships and cheerleaders.


Orange is another great color choice for those who want their snowflake tattoo to really stand out! Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the colors, otherwise, you’ll lose the icy effect of the design.

Snowflake tattoo placements and their meanings


A ribcage tattoo is a feminine and intimate choice, making it perfect for snowflake tattoos. They can be given as gifts or even to commemorate the memory of someone who has passed away.

shoulder blade

An alternative to the classic back tattoo, shoulder blade tattoos are much more discreet but don’t lack in beauty! The size and placement of the tattoo also makes it a perfect palm-sized second tattoo.

upper back/chest

This is where snowflake tattoos look their absolute best, adding an air of femininity to even the toughest of tattoo lovers! They can be given by loved ones as gifts or even in remembrance.


The wrist is another great place to get a small snowflake tattoo! It’s discreet yet feminine, making it ideal for girls looking to get in touch with their softer side.


The ankle is another subtle location, but be careful when choosing the size of your tattoo since this area of skin is very thin and can only accommodate smaller tattoos.

lower back

Lower back tattoos are slightly more risqué, but they make up for it with the gorgeous design of the snowflake tattoo. It looks great against bare skin or clothing that exposes it! If you choose to get a lower back tattoo, make sure that your artist uses dark colors and outlines. This will help cover any mistakes if the tattoo fades, or if you simply change your mind in the future.

Snowflake tattoos work best on men or women?

Snowflake tattoos are usually associated with femininity.

Snowflakes are traditionally worn by women, making them ideal for girly designs. Due to their nature, snowflake tattoos work great with all kinds of feminine imagery like lace, birds, or flowers.

While they do look great on girls, snowflake tattoos can also be worn by men! Just make sure to use dark and bold colors in your design, otherwise it’ll lose its masculinity. Alternatively, a minimalist snowflake tattoo can look incredibly tough with a few simple lines.

couple Snowflake tattoos
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