Sphinx tattoo meaning and symbolism

We will start this article with a short introduction to the Sphinx. This creature is considered one of the most mysterious and legendary figures in ancient Egypt, which for many centuries was an unsolved mystery. Artists from all over the world have been inspired by what they saw on Egyptian monuments and paintings, but it seems that no one has yet been able to fully understand the symbolism of this amazing creature.

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The sphinx is depicted in various forms and with different head shapes, but even with minimal knowledge about it we can say that there is a pattern to which an archetype was formed: the enigmatic figure of a lion’s body and a human head. But if we refer to the text of ancient sources or Egyptian mythology, we will discover that the image we have on monuments and paintings is incomplete. Sphinx has its roots in Ancient Egypt, but not many people know exactly when and where they appeared for the first time.


Some researchers believe that the oldest sphinx was carved out of hard rock somewhere between 10 000-9000 BC on one of the large plateaus near Aswan (now it is a big city in southern Egypt). It was the sphinx that proclaimed the beginning of “the Age of Leo”. We can assume that there may have been even earlier sphinxes, but they were not carved out of stone.

Sphinx tattoo meaning can be multiple, but the four elements combinations are considered to be the most common. The lion’s body symbolizes the fire element, while the human head is related to air and water (because of their connection with breathing). This combination gives us an excellent interpretation of life itself.

Another interpretation suggests that people who want to get a tattoo depicting sphinx should look for or ask for their inner strength, wisdom and protection. Experts say that having such tattoos may also mean spiritual enlightenment. People who feel this way should consider getting designs with sphinxes on their lower back or chest where they can easily see them every day when looking in front of a mirror. Such placement will make you think about your goals in life and motivate you to achieve them.


Sphinx tattoos can also symbolize mystery and secrecy, which is especially visible in symbolic compositions depicting the human-headed lion with an open mouth and a snake in its jaws. Such tattoos clearly tell us that we should be careful in our dealings with other people. We do not need to know their motives for accepting certain things and if we want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings we should play them close to our chest. People who get such tattoos usually tend to keep silent about what is going on in their lives, but when they decide it’s time, they will let others know everything that was kept secret before.


Lion tattoo designs often depict courage and strength, so sphinx tattoos can express these qualities as well as loyalty and fidelity to those around you. Sphinx tattoos can also mean a deep connection with Egyptian mythology and ancient beliefs as well as pharaohs, pyramids and other symbols.

Who can wear Sphinx tattoos ?

Sphinx tattoos are usually worn by people who keep silent about what is going on in their lives and prefer not to talk about themselves. They tend to be introverted and prefer spending time alone or with a few close friends instead of many contacts that would tire them out. People who like such designs like the idea that they could communicate their personality without saying a single word. If you think this way, then get sphinx tattoo meaning images designed on your skin!