Squirrel tattoo meaning and symbolism

Squirrels are small, adorable animals that are adored by many people all around the world.

Their cuteness makes them a popular subject for tattoos.

However, an important question rises – what exactly does a squirrel tattoo mean? And this is why we have gathered some information on this

Squirrel ancle  tattoo
Squirrel ancle tattoo @ d.trinity_tattoo

Squirrel tattoo meaning – what does it mean?

squirrel tattoo meanings are as diverse as the people who wear them.

But, let’s put it this way – there is no one meaning for a squirrel tattoo. Instead, there are many possible explanations.

First of all, these animals represent freedom to some people due to their ability to climb and jump from one place to another.

Another explanation is that they can be seen as a symbol of fertility and abundance, since there populations increase quickly every year.

Also, some people believe that squirrel tattoos mean joy and happiness – just like these animals. As stated in a bodyartguru article :

Generally, a squirrel tattoo symbolizes liveliness, playfulness, innocence, creativeness, and thoughtfulness.

But what about the more specific meanings of a squirrel tattoo?

There are plenty of them too.

For example, some people see squirrels as a symbol of their family since they are known for being loyal creatures.

Also, in some cultures, squirrel tattoo could mean wealth or prosperity. And last but not least, these animals can be seen as a symbol of agility and gracefulness due to the way they move.

What about the color of squirrel tattoos?

There are no specific rules when it comes to the color of your tattoo. But if someone asks you what is the meaning of a certain tattoo on your body, you should probably mention its colors.

For example, some people believe that black symbols represent violence and evilness while red images indicate power and passion.

However, there are no strict rules like that. Painters and tattoo artists use the squirrel tattoo meaning as inspiration when they design these tattoos. And this is why it’s up to you what exactly your images will look like.

What about the location of squirrel tattoos?

There is nothing specific about the location of your tattoo either. It all depends on what design you’re getting and what part of your body it will cover.

But, if you want to make sure that your tattoo means something specific, you should put some thought into location.

For example, if you decide to get a squirrel tattoo on the lower back, most people won’t understand what it means . However, if you put it on your hip, that meaning will be more obvious.

There are plenty of other places to get these tattoos – like the forearms or chest . But no matter where you put them, people will still see them as cute animal images!

Squirrel arm tattoo
Squirrel arm tattoo @sarabaenen

Squirrel tattoos for men and women

As we mentioned before, squirrel tattoo meanings are as diverse as the people who wear them.

But, what about the gender of people with these tattoos? Does it matter whether you’re a man or a woman?

Well, if we take the most popular explanation for these tattoos – freedom – there are no differences between genders. Both men and women can be seen as free beings!

But, what about these tiny creatures as fertility symbols though?

Well, before we answer this question, we need to tell you that there is no consensus on whether squirrels are masculine or feminine. Some people believe that they’re more suitable for women while others think that they’re a perfect choice for men.

There’s also some debate about the color of squirrel tattoos. Some people think that these animals are feminine and they look better in pink. On the other hand, there are also people who see them as more masculine and prefer to draw them in gray or brown colors.

What is sure though is that they’re perfect for both genders!

So how about you? How do you see a squirrel tattoo? As a symbol of freedom or as an indication of fertility and abundance? What about the color – does it matter to you what color your image will be?

Whatever is your answer, there’s one thing we can tell you for sure – these tattoos are beautiful!