Stairs tattoo meaning

A tattoo can be a very special way to express your thoughts and feelings, and many people find that the stairs tattoo design is an appropriate form of personal expression. The symbolism of stairs is where we begin our exploration into what this type of image means.

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What Do Staircase Tattoos Mean?

Let’s start with the obvious, the actual symbolism of stairs as it relates to one’s life journey or individual growth. Perhaps it is symbolic for you as you take each step closer to your goal like better health or diet. You are climbing the stairs in pursuit of your goal.As with anything, once you have reached this goal there is nothing to do but move on to another aspect of your life that requires growth and improvement.

Time passes and then one day you realize that you haven’t climbed a flight of stairs in weeks! “But days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years…You lose count as each year passes by without any steps being made.

The same thing happens when it comes to our jobs, relationships, etc.; whatever it may be where it feels like time is standing still or even going backwards somehow. This feeling can lead us into depression because we feel trapped within our own lives.

Is it possible to turn this around?

Yes, but it is essential that you make the decision to find where your heart lies, what it is you enjoy doing the most in life and start climbing those stairs each day.

You must be willing to look within yourself for the answer because, well…life isn’t about taking one step at a time any longer; rather, it’s about taking all of them at once (and possibly falling down in the process).

We may not even realize that we are missing something or that there was ever something more to life than what we are living right now.

It’s only when we take a good look inside will our hearts tell us which direction to go in next. That direction should always lead toward the things that make us happy, toward the places where you are most content.

Stairs Tattoo Design Symbolism: Stairway to Heaven

If there is a heaven then it must be symbolized by stairs, right? Well, yes and no. Spiritualists would argue that our souls have already ascended into Heaven but who’s up for an argument about religion? It was Jesus who said “I am the way, the truth and the life.” He also mentioned many times that he came so that we may have eternal life. So with this in mind, what does stairway or staircase tattoo mean spiritually speaking?

The dictionary defines staircase as something with steps or a series of steps, however; there is also the added definition which speaks of ascent to something such as salvation.

So when you think about it in this way, stairs are symbolic of spiritual ascension . We are climbing each step on our own spiritual journey toward enlightenment, heaven or whatever it is that you believe comes after death.

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When I look at images of people who have tattoos of stairways, they appear to be more solitary than images with groups of people who are holding hands and ascending together as one unit. So if your soul was meant to ascend alone then perhaps this tattoo design would work for you?

Staircase tattoos generally represent personal growth, independence and self-reliance with their symbolism imbued with a sense of freedom and hope for a better life.