Starburst tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoos have been around since the beginning of time, but they are gaining more and more momentum in our modern world. Many people get tattoos for aesthetic purposes while others look to tattoos as a way to memorialize their past.

Although there are many different symbols that can be used in tattoo designs, one of the most popular is the starburst. The starburst tattoo is often underrated in terms of meaning and symbolism, but there are many important ones behind this design.

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Starburst tattoo meaning and symbolism

One common understanding about the starburst is that it represents a new start.

Looking at a single star can mean a variety of different things on its own. For example, there are many people who get a single star inked on their body to mean that they have made it through something difficult in the past.

Others might want to look at that one star and know that even if they are facing enormous challenges, things will be okay. Most of the time when you see someone with only one star tattooed on them, it is because they see themselves as a “lone wolf” and do not wish to be dependent upon others.

There are other people who get the star inked to remind them that they have many different opportunities ahead of them.

In this case, when someone sees the single star they see themselves as having many opportunities to succeed and it is up to them whether or not they take advantage of these chances.

Usually, when someone has a lot of stars on their body, there are groups of three, four, six and even ten scattered all over their skin. This tattoo design may be done for aesthetic purposes and it might also be a sign of support from a group of friends who have all decided to get the same tattoo.

The starburst is usually made up of four or five lines that shoot out from the center, giving it an iconic look.

In this case, those four or five lines might be a representation of teamwork. For example, when you look at a basketball team or any other sports squad you will very often see the starburst design on their jerseys and uniforms.

This tattoo can also act as an inspiration for those who are looking to start something new either in business or with an organization that they are involved in.

There is also the understanding that the four or five lines in a starburst represent someone who has conquered something very difficult. They might have had to fight for their life in some way, shape or form and they managed to come out of this experience victorious.

It can represent overcoming addiction such as drugs and alcohol, beating an illness like cancer or even coming back from an abusive relationship. In these cases, it is often accompanied by either a yellow-filled circle behind the starburst or by rays of light shining down upon it.

When looking at a starbust tattoo design, are a few key elements that most people look at when trying to figure out what this design is all about:

  • How many lines are in the starburst and where they come from.
  • Where the circle or rays of light come from in relation to the starburst itself.

Finally, it’s important to remember that when you get a design such as this one, it does not always mean only one thing. The most common interpretation for this tattoo symbol will be destiny, but when combined with other symbols such as an anchor (hope) or angel wings (heaven) there can be even more depth and understanding added into this design.

When planning next piece of body art make sure to consult with your tattoo artist to come up with the right des believeign.

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