Storm tattoo meaning and symbolism

The concept of a storm tattoo is to always carry the storms that are part of your history, with you. A time when something was happening or had happened that shook things up in your life. The kind people try to get rid of because it made them feel sad, furious, discouraged… But they don’t realize the importance it has in their life. It helped them grow and made them who they are today. So a storm tattoo, though quite simple looking, is a complicated one.

Credit : instagram

Have you been through a bad breakup? Did your father pass away when you were young? Did your dog die in your arms because of old age? These are things that could be represented by a storm in your life. But whatever the event is, it’s something you have to live with for the rest of your life.

To be able to carry that symbol with you all the time is a representation of how strong your spirit truly is. You might not feel it when things are going well in your life but only when they’re going bad. These are the moments when you need to remember all the good times you have been through.

 Storm tattoo design ideas

A storm can be represented in many forms and it’s usually a colored circle or different shapes that come together, making it look like clouds are gathering around something. It doesn’t have to be anything that obvious. It can be a figure of a person with a cloud following behind, or it can even represent something as simple as three circles together.

There are many ways to interpret the symbol and there is no right or wrong answer. However, for those people who have been through struggles with mental health issues such as anxiety, this tattoo could be a great source of motivation and encouragement.

How do I find the perfect ink? We recommend you to go for an artist that has experience with working on people who could be struggling with mental health issues. It’s important that they are understanding towards your needs, so consider looking for artists that have experience with this kind of work.