Strawberry tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoos have been around for a long time and their meaning has changed through the years. In the past, tattoos were symbols of courage, power, and fertility. In contemporary times, tattoos are more about one’s individuality and personal style statement.

This is why it makes sense to consider strawberry tattoo ideas when you want a new ink.

strawberry arm tattoo
strawberry arm tattoo @tattoovalentin

Meaning and symbolism

The strawberry is a sweet fruit that many people enjoy during the summer. It has deep and complex roots in folklore and was grown by many Native Americans in North America before the arrival of Europeans. These fruits were so important to the natives that they would sacrifice them during ceremonies.

The strawberries are also associated with fertility and good luck, which is why many couples go on dates at their local strawberry fields when they are trying to have a baby. The strawberry is a symbol of prosperity and expansion in the west where they were first introduced. When they are placed on a tattoo, they are meant to bring good luck, fertility and good fortune.

The most commonly associated meaning with strawberries is love. The strawberry’s red color and heart like shape make it highly symbolic of passion and romance.symbolismandmetaphor

The strawberry tattoo is often done by women as a form of self-expression. They will want to show their love for their families or friends with this design because it brings happiness to others when shown on their bodies.

The strawberries are also seen as symbols of sweetness, beauty and innocence because strawberries taste so good! They can also be used in nature tattoos as well because these are used by many people especially in the summertime as an alternative food source from vegetables and fruits that have been harvested earlier in the year.

strawberry shoulder tattoo
strawberry shoulder tattoo @seol_tattooer

Red strawberry tattoo meaning

The color red represents passion, energy, love, and life.

Red strawberries tattoos may also represent a period of your life when you were going through a lot of difficulties and drinking from the cup of life. It symbolizes the sweetness, joy, happiness, and love in life after everything was overcome.

Green strawberry tattoo meaning

A green strawberry is often associated with youth or spring time. In this case, the green strawberries are intertwined with leaves. It may symbolize overcoming hardships, strength, and determination.

Blue strawberry tattoo meaning

A blue strawberry is said to represent good health. This is because the fruit symbolizes balance in life – achieving harmony between mind, body, and soul. You can also have a blue strawberry with pink or white leaves.

A pink strawberry tattoo meaning

If you want to show love and affection, consider a pink strawberry with leaves. Pink is the color of passion and it’s often linked to romance, happiness, fun, joy, appreciation, care, and sexuality.

Strawberry Tattoo Designs and Ideas

There are many different strawberry tattoo designs for women and men, but if you choose this type of ink make sure that it’s a design you will be happy with forever. If possible, don’t get a design that will remind you of a past relationship or time in your life.

strawberry leg tattoo

Instead, choose a tattoo that represents positive traits or feelings about yourself. This way, when you look at your skin and see this image it is going to make you feel good. If you have children, perhaps a strawberry is a good idea because they can always remind you of them.

strawberry rid tattoo
strawberry rid tattoo

Choosing the right strawberry tattoo design is just as important as choosing the location of your ink. If possible, try to use this guide so that you can know how to go about getting a tattoo of this fruit. The possibilities are endless for strawberries, but make sure you do your research before taking on this project.

strawberry ankle tattoo
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