Sun moon eye tattoo meaning ( Holy Trinity? )

The sun is a symbol of power and energy, the moon is one of knowledge and feminine energy, and the eye presents protection.

sun moon eye tattoo

But what do these three symbols combined in a tattoo say about the wearer ?

Let’s find out !

What’s the sun moon eye tattoo mean ?

This symbol combination in a tattoo is pretty new so you won’t see it often, it became trendy these last 10 years with the rise of the EMO trend.


Sun moon eye tattoo

This tattoo can represent ascension and enlightenment, the person showing it is on the way to reach their goals. It can also represent a personal change as in this new way of thinking and/or behaving.


sun moon eye tattoo

The eye can be associated with a monotheistic deity – most commonly God, Allah or Yaweh – and its presence could show religious devotion. It can also represent the eye of Horus which was associated with protection in ancient Egypt.

The Power of the Trinity

@Adrienne Haberl

The sun moon eye tattoo can also symbolize the Holy Trinity in a more positive light. This is because the sun, moon and eye are often associated with Christ and God, as each represents a facet of nature and divinity.

Fight for Equality

The sun moon eye tattoo can also symbolize the idea that there should be equality for everyone, no matter which gender or social class.

Three things you can’t hide: the sun, the moon and the truth

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Which Meaning Do You Prefer ?