Sun Moon Star Tattoo Meaning (Explained)

It’s no secret that the sun, moon, and stars are some of the most popular tattoo designs. But what does it all mean? This post will tell you everything you need to know about sun moon star tattoos and their meaning!

sun moon star tattoo

First let’s see the meaning of every symbol separatlly

The star

A star tattoo can have many meanings and symbolism, which are all dependent on the meaning of the individual’s star of choice. It is a universally recognized image that is often associated with dreams, wishes, and ambitions. The shooting or fixed stars can be representative of aspiration for fame and fortune. Stars are also traditionally used to symbolize guidance as well as truth, loyalty, and faithfulness. This universal sign can be displayed in ink on the skin to represent self-empowerment or solidarity amongst friends.

star sun moon tattoo

The sun

The sun tattoo design can be symbolic of pure energy and optimism. This is a popular tattoo among the youth and many older generations alike. The sun symbolizes an individual’s sense of self-esteem, courage, dreaminess and ambitions. The sun is also a popular tattoo amongst those in the health industry. The sun is commonly used to represent strength and endurance through life’s challenges.

star sun moon tattoo

The moon

The moon is a universal symbol of beauty and femininity. This symbol can be used in conjunction with other symbols to represent femininity or femininity alone. The moon also commonly represents a woman’s intuition, emotions, and sensitivity to the world around her. The moon is often used as a symbol of rebirth or new beginnings. In western culture, the moon can be used to represent both female and male qualities. This relates the idea that a man is made up of both masculine and feminine qualities in equal measure.

Sun Moon Star Tattoo

Now, what are these three symbols combined mean ?

Sun, Moon and Stars are a powerful image. When this is used as a Tattoo, it has several meanings. These are:

1) Family Goals :


This is a popular one, as the Sun Moon star (separately)are three of the most common Tattoos that people choose. This can be any family you belong to, even extended ones like friends or Bffs.


2) Religious Faith

Planetary symbols such as the sun, moon, and stars direct our attention to God and challenge us to contemplate matters of eternal significance as we work to emulate the life of our true Light, Jesus Christ. Many temples have earth, moon, sun, and star stones.


sun moon star tattoo

Assension to illumination

The stylized ladder designs represent ascension to God through covenants and temple attendance and lead upward to the moon, sun, and stars.