tattoo of a well : meaning and symbolism

A well tattoo design usually stands for the idea of personality being buried under a pile of issues. Just like water is hidden in well, our true personalities are also held back by something. The one who finds the courage to face their issues can draw out this personality both literally and figuratively.

well chest tattoo
well chest tattoo @joaohellyeah

What can be meant by drawing a well tattoo is that people are buried in their problems, and that you have to deal with them. If you resolve your issues, then you will find something of value at the bottom of it. Perhaps wisdom or enlightenment. Finding this can be a life changing experience.

The Well  – the symbolism of the well is different in many cultures. Some say that fullness leads to emptiness, and emptiness leads to fullness. The key to happiness might be found by digging deep in order to access your true essence (inside).

The Buddhist interpretation is that life revolves in a circle like the one of a well. There is no beginning and there will be no end to life, it simply repeats itself by going up (birth) and down (death).

The well tattoo could also symbolize depression, or rather the search for happiness when in reality you are never really happy but only chasing after things which make you feel good for a short period of time. Once you give up that one thing, you need to find another thing to chase after and so on until there is nothing left but yourself.

Loneliness – going down or digging deep in order to be able to communicate with others is what people often need a push for. If you can’t express yourself through words, you should definitely try doing it using drawing or painting.

Sometimes people make illogical decisions all because they don’t want to bother others with their personal issues. In cases like this, a well tattoo could be a reminder that the only solution is to open up and talk about it as soon as possible.

well tattoo designs and their meanings

Child inside a Well – people mostly get this tattoo to express their fears of being harmed, abducted or abused by someone they trust and love the most. They want others to know about their vulnerability so that no one takes advantage of it.

People who had this tattoo made were usually young children who had gone through something similar. If you are not one of them but still want to express this message, you can always get a child inside a heart tattoo instead.

Another popular well tattoo design is the one with a car inside it. This could express the idea of being stuck in life, not knowing what to do or where to go next. Also, people are starting to lose themselves while trying to adapt to their surroundings and fitting in.

The symbol for this tattoo may change depending on whether your vehicle is stuck deep down or is just touching the water. The one that is touching the water means that you are just about to free yourself, while the one that is deep in it implies that your life might be over already.

Using this tattoo you can express how tired you are of dealing with your problems and issues, but most importantly how many times you feel like giving up and sinking deep in the well (life).

well leg tattoo
well leg tattoo @ tesiacoil_tattoos

What colors for a well tattoo ?

The design is usually black and grey, while some people add a splash of color which has a meaning for them. Blues are mostly used to express sadness or depression. It is also common to add red in order to symbolize blood, broken heart and pain.

Wearing the well tattoo on the best location on your body

If you want to show this tattoo to your friends but don’t want them to know its real meaning, put it somewhere they can see it, but not very well. The wrist is a perfect spot for that purpose because when you hold your hand in an upright position, only the top part of the tattoo will be clearly visible.

There are also two other spots that are considered to be very feminine if you are a woman. The side of your torso or the inside of your forearm is something that will turn heads without attracting too much attention.

Tattoos last forever, but their meaning changes over time. It is important to understand that having this design done doesn’t necessarily mean that you have gone through all that it symbolizes, but you can use it to remind yourself of your problems and how to solve them.