tattoos that symbolize family and love

As symbol of family and love, the celtic tree of life tattoo usually depicts a tree with roots in the past, present and future; it is designed to represent eternal life. if you want to add symbolism to your celtic tree, add other symbols such as a Celtic cross or other Celtic knotwork designs.

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it’s believed that couples who wear matching celtic tattoos are destined for each other. the infinity sign represents lifelong commitment and unity between two people. adding a small heart symbolizes that love is unconditional and everlasting. because the infinity sign has no beginning or end, it also means that love will never fail or fade away.

the heartagram tattoo  : the traditional heart shape with the inverted pentagram (the five-pointed star) has been around for quite some time; it is used as a display of romantic love and passion. the inverted pentagram is representative of darkness, whereas the upright pentagram symbolizes good.

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when you put these two symbols together in the shape of a heart, typically red or pink, they become representative of romantic love. commonly worn by young couples, this tattoo may be accompanied with initials or another date that represents something important to the couple.

the infinity heart represents love and commitment; wearing the infinity heart makes a promise to someone that your love will last forever. its two hearts intertwine, never to be separated or broken (like true love). it is often worn by married couples as a symbol of everlasting commitment.

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this tattoo is representative of life, family and ancestry; you can choose from several symbols for this type of design: arrow Gaelic cross Irish harp celtic knotwork and more. there are many ways to wear the traditional celtic tree tattoo: it can go on any part of your body — just keep in mind that larger tattoos tend to cost more than smaller designs. you should also research local tattoo shops before making an appointment for your first tattoo.

if you’re set on getting a celtic tree tattoo, but don’t know what to choose from the different Celtic symbols , get in touch with a professional artist before making your final decision. there are lots of designs available that include many different Celtic imagery, including animals (like lions and eagles) and other subjects like dragons or angels. simply do some research into various options, grab some ideas and bring it all together with an artist who specializes in celtic tattoos.