Tea tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It wakes us up from sleep, refreshes and relaxes after a hard day and warms us when we are cold and sad.

Because of these unique qualities tea has become a drink for all occasions: birthdays, weddings, funerals… you name it! But most importantly tea has become a symbol of friendship.

This is why tattoos in the form of tea are becoming more and more popular among people who enjoy drinking tea, because tea has an enormous meaning to them. And this is how this tea tattoo meaning article was born!

tea arm tattoo
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So, what’s the meaning behind tea tattoos?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common tea tattoos out there.

The tealeaves represent the three virtues we should all strive to possess: wisdom, courage and humanity. The idea behind this tattoo is that through drinking tea we can become better people and treat each other with respect and love.

​Tea cup tattoo meaning: This one is also quite popular among tea lovers. When the cup is full of tea, it’s a sign of happiness and fulfillment, but when you drink all of your tea, there is nothing more to look forward to. This means that this tattoo shows our appreciation for life moments like these.

tea tattoos in Japanese culture

Tea tattoos in Japan are very popular and often used as symbols of friendship. The most common tea tattoos there include Kanji characters such as:

人 (which means person), 二 (which stands for the “pair” concept, something like yin-yang), 友 (which is a friend) and so on. Although most of the Kanji symbols have multiple meanings, they are most commonly associated with friendship.

tea tattoos in korean culture

In Korea, most people associate tea tattoos with a group of Buddhists called “Teaism”. They believe that drinking tea purifies the soul and makes it closer to nature.

Many Koreans get a tattoo in the form of a teapot or kettle because they believe that they can wash their misdeeds away with this drink.

Do tea tattoos work best on men or women?

A lot of people tend to think that these tattoos look better on women as the overall tattoo consists of a cup and leaves, which are feminine objects.

What color should you get for your tea tattoo?

As far as tea tattoos go, you should definitely think about tea colors and what they stand for:

Black = strength

Red = love and passion

Green = vitality and balance

Yellow = wisdom, energy and joy

White= purity, cleanliness and peace.

So, as you can see the color of your cup says a lot about you.

Where should I apply my tea Tattoo?

There are several places on the body you can get tea tattoos. According to tea tattoo symbolism, they look best on the ankle or arm area.

How big should my tea tattoo be?

The size of your tea tattoo can vary. If you choose to get a tattoo representing the cup, it doesn’t have to be too large (the usual size is about 1 in x 3 in), but if you want a tattoo with the whole tea set, it could be bigger.

Why do people get tea tattoos?

Some people want to pay tribute to their grandmothers who used to serve them tea every day. Some people simply can’t imagine their life without a cup of tea and want to remind themselves about the happiest times in their lives.

Other people want to show everyone what they love most in life: a nice cup of tea or someone dear to them, who introduced this wonderful drink to them.

tea leg tattoo
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