Teddy bear tattoo meaning

The little fella has so many different meanings that you can surely find an idea to match your own interests and desires. This is not only about cuteness, there are also deeper things involved so keep reading if you want to learn more.

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To discover the symbolism behind the teddy bear tattoo we need to start at the beginning of this popular toy’s history .

It’s an American story actually which makes us feel just a little bit better about all those cute things that happen over there. Steiff company founder Margarete Steiff made her first stuffed animal in 1880 making it possible for children (and adults) everywhere to cuddle up with something soft and cuddly.

The teddy bear was named after then president Theodore Roosevelt who refused to shoot a small and obviously not dangerous bear cub while on a hunting trip after which he told reporters:

“I wouldn’t want to look like a fattened calf, would you?”

Since the Steiff company couldn’t use the name of real people for its toys it decided to use an English translation of Teddy’s last name. The next part is even cuter as Margarete gave her toy such soulful eyes because she wanted them to be filled with friendship and joy – just like those of her beloved nephew Richard Steiff. This little detail killed two birds with one stone – if you’re going through a tough time finding a reason to smile is never far away.

The teddy bear tattoo meaning has different words to describe it although all of them are symbolic for something positive.

Here are the ones we found most interesting:

Protector – this one is perfect if you’re thinking about getting a tat because you love someone or something and want to protect them with your life. The teddy bear will do just that as it’s soft, cuddly and cute so people will never imagine that it means danger for them. This kind of symbolism might be used in situations where you need real protection rather than just looking cool or tough on the outside but don’t want to put yourself at risk (like an undercover cop) too much like Batman’s utility belt

Strength– if there comes a time when you’ll need some extra strength and support papa bear and his cubs are always here for you. Showing off this tattoo means expressing your desire to be stronger, to hold on when you’re standing at the edge of a cliff. The bear is quite powerful so it will encourage you to stand up for yourself even if things don’t look too great at the moment.

Caring – another interpretation of teddy bear tattoo meaning is that the animal may symbolize how much you care about the people you love . It’s a great way of showing off how much you care about someone who needs support right now. Teddy bear tattoos are perfect for girls as they can express their softer side without being misinterpreted.

Joy – if there are sad times, let them go away with teddy bear tattoo on your skin because this little guy brings joy wherever he goes. People will see it in your eyes and feel the good vibes as you’re not the kind of person who brings trouble and misery.

Loyalty – another common teddy bear meaning that’s great for people who want to show off their loyalty towards other beings is that they simply care about them. If you have a friend or family member whom you don’t want to lose contact with forever tat his/her name on your leg or arm to make sure nothing bad ever happens between you two again.

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