The meaning of gypsy tattoos

The word Tattoo originates from the Tahitian term “Tatau” which means to mark something. In today’s society, a tattoo is a way for people to express themselves or even to leave behind a lasting memory of those who have passed away. Some people use their body as a canvas to tell a story of their life, many do it for the art and beauty of it and then some use tattoos as an attention grabber and an expression on who they are.

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Gypsy Tattoos: what do they mean?

The Gypsies during the early years were seen as rebels, wanderers, thieves and those with magic powers. The misunderstood group of people soon became more than just another stereotype in history books. Today we know that they have their own language (Romany or Romani), traditions and culture. Unfortunately, the problem is still alive today with racism against this particular ethnic group even within America. Here you can watch “Gypsy Blood” to see how much hate there is out there.

Whether you are part of the Gypsy culture or not, what better way to show your appreciation for this group than through a tattoo. You can find many different styles to express yourself with tattoos ranging from traditional, old school designs all the way up to the modern day artistry that is extremely popular right now. Gothic type art seems to be very common along with tribal or even Japanese influences mixed in together followed by an undertone of beauty and realism.

There are also plenty colorful options for those who prefer something more funky, cute or girly. We have gathered some great examples of Gypsy style tattoos below so check them out!

Gypsy stars tattoo – The Star symbolizes hope, guidance and protection against evil spirits. It can be worn by itself or combined with other symbols.

Tribal Gypsy tattoo – This is a very popular design for those who would like to have the classic tribal element added along with their own style of artistry. You can see how the Gypsy elements are reflected even within the symbols.

Gypsy head tattoo – A great piece that wraps around your arm, this skull has an amazing amount of detail put into it which really brings out several different expressions. It almost looks as if there is movement in it with all of its lovely colors and shading.

Gypsy sun tattoo – The Sun is used to symbolize life, energy, happiness, rebirth and creativity. It can also be a reminder that we should just enjoy life while we can.

Gypsy daisy tattoo – A great piece for anyone who has lost someone they loved and wants to remember them always with this temporary way of doing it . Although not everyone’s taste…

Gypsy sleeve tattoo – Another example of the long lasting artistry that you can have done on your arms or legs. You can find so much detail throughout the entire thing along with of different symbols reflecting their heritage.

Compass Gypsy tattoo – Some people prefer something more simple yet symbolic so they go for tattoos that are just based on one thing such as this compass design. A compass will guide you through life so it holds great meaning behind it. You could even add some lovely pin-up designs around it.

Creative Gypsy tattoo – As with any nonconventional style of art, the sky is the limit when you get to creating your own unique style . It’s all about mixing and matching different elements together to create an amazing result. This one looks like a mix between traditional artistry and modern day creativity which almost makes it look like a painting!

The list goes on…

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There are plenty of different types of Gypsy tattoos ranging from the old school traditional look to realistic elements with a touch of creativity thrown in. It’s also all about making something that symbolizes you and your life, whether it be funky colors or an elegant piece that tells a story of who you are. You can search through thousands upon thousand of ideas or come up with one on your own- the choice is completely up to you!