The meaning of number 47 in a tattoo

The number 47 has several meanings. First of all, it is considered that 47 brings luck to the bearer or who gives him this number in his tattoo. It is also said that he will live 47 years more than what was expected.

number 47 tattoo in the biceps

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Most popular  number 47 tattoo meanings

Independance of India : Freedom

This interpretation can derive from the fact that 1947 was the year when India became independent and independence symbolizes freedom; everybody likes freedom, no?

Indian 47 tattoo forearm

Numerology : spiritual awakening

The numerology for it says 4+7=11

11= highly intuitive or psychic.(according to internet)

4= spiritual journey 7= divine knowing.

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But there are other explanations which should be according to numerology (the science of numbers): 1+9 = 10 (1+0=1) + 4 + 7 = 18 (1+8=9). These 3 digits represent the triple repetition of 9. Nine means “never return” in arabic language; for this reason, it is enough three times to get this number. In addition, 47 is also the sum of 7+40 ;

According to R. Allendy, this number represents “the evolution, 7, continuing in the eternal mechanism of the world, 40, by a personal effort and a fight


number 47 arm tattoo

7 symbolizes perfection and 40 means “death” in arabic language.

the 47 energy contains:

  • a large dose of 2 energy such as coexistence, togetherness, and support,
  • plus a dose of 4 energy such as diligence, reliability, and hard work,
  • plus a dose of 7 energy such as introspection, wisdom, and solutions.


In conclusion, according to the numerology, it seems that many numbers which contain a repetition of 9 have a symbolic meaning: 18=9 (ie triple repetition) ,27=9(18-9), 36=9(9×3), 45=9(5+4), 54=9(45-1). Moreover, 47 makes reference to 1947 ,the year when India gained its independence; therefore, it gets all its symbolic sense including luck… But there are other explanations about this number so you’ll find others symbols like life or death or perfection…

Reference to the famous AK 47

Gangsters often refer to the automatic rifle AK 47 since it was developed in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. They often refer to this weapon only by the digits 47; thus, “47” can be a symbol of power, love of weapons, and gang affiliation.

number 47 chest tattoo


It is said that the number 47 brings luck to the bearer because it was in 1947 that India got its independence: it means freedom and luck.

Furthermore, 47 also has a spiritual meaning. In numerology, 4+7=11 which represents a psychic awakening: 4 is spiritual journey, 7 is divine knowing and 11 represents “highly intuitive”.

 I always advise you to do research before getting a tattoo.

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