The Meaning of Wildflower Tattoos

The word “wildflower” is often used to mean not only colorful flowers growing in the wild, but also beautiful and lively girls. Girls with tattoos become more independent, confident and open-minded than other people. Many ladies get flower tattoos, regardless of what shape or color they are – birds, butterflies, stars or vines. Wildflower tattoos show that a woman is independent and confident.

Wildflower Tattoos on arm and ribcage

Credit :instagram

More often girls choose beautiful wildflowers, which have a symbolic meaning for them. The following flowers are the most popular:

Daisy – this flower symbolizes innocence and purity of a girl. It also stands for loyalty and love. Every girl should have a little daisy tattoo to remind about her pure heart;

Sunflower – it means joy, beauty and friendship. Moreover, sunflower tattoos represent golden sun rays radiating from the center of the emblem;

Lilies – they stand for luxury, beauty and refinement as well as long life. These tattoos look great on women’s hips or ankles;

Lavender – this graceful plant with its purple flower is said to be a symbol of femininity and beauty;

Hibiscus – it means love, warmth and friendliness;

Orchid – this flower tattoo signifies that a girl is self-confident and unique.

Rose: girls’ wildflower tattoos often include beautiful roses: red ones mean passion and other colors (yellow, pink) mean grace and gratitude.

Flower shapes also influence choice of girls: for example, swallowtail butterfly with a blue flower shows gentleness and tenderness. Peony flower combined with roosters looks like sunrise or sunset, which reminds about rebirth after hardships or tough times. Lily mixed with cherry blossoms says “Thank you” to close people who support the girl in hard times. Daisy with stars on the hips or hands says that a girl is faithful to her inner world and only close people are aware of this.

Flowers are always amazing, but it’s not right to choose them without thinking. A flower tattoo will be with you all your life, so think carefully about what kind of flowers you want to have!