“Stay” tattoo meaning and symbolism

The word “Stay” done in different fonts, styles, and occasionally together with the name of a loved one is one of the most popular tattoo design ideas that are being chosen by men and women at the moment.

So, what’s the meaning behind “stay” tattoos?

By having this tattoo, women are telling everyone that they want their man to stay close to them no matter what happens in life.

The design is also chosen by girls to express their true feelings in a romantic way.

By getting inked with this symbol a person wants to strengthen the bond that connects the couple together and remind them of their feelings towards each other.

So, if you want to express your love and devotion in a subtle way without saying it out loud then this design will be perfect for you.

The word “stay” is also chosen by someone who wants to show everyone that they are faithful no matter what life brings them.

"stay" arm tattoo
“stay” arm tattoo @ upsettertattoo

Do “stay” tattoos work best on men or women?

Well, if you take a look at the tattoos in this article, then you will see that those with meaning are mostly chosen by women.

By getting inked with this symbol they want to tell everyone how much their man means to them and how important he is for them.

Sometimes women also choose the design together with the name of their loved one as a sign of true love and devotion.

At the same time, a lot of men decide to have “stay” inked on one part of their body in order to show everyone how they feel about their girlfriend or wife without saying a word.

What color/font should you get for your “stay” tattoo?

The design is usually done in one color which helps to make it even more discreet.

When you choose to have just the word “stay” written on your skin without any additional details, then it’s better to get this symbol in black sans serif font.

However, if you decide to add your name or the name of your loved one, then you can go for a colorful tattoo design.

Where should I apply my stay Tattoo?

So, you can get inked on your wrist, inner arm, chest or any other part of the body that this design will look amazing on.

Why do some say it’s a bad idea to get a “stay” tattoo ?

If you take a look at this design and think to yourself “what’s the big deal about having such a tattoo?”, then there is nothing to worry about.

But if spending all your life with somebody scares you or maybe seems like too much responsibility, then it means that getting inked with such a design isn’t for you as it was made for those who want to express their commitment and devotion towards someone.

Are there any mental effects from having a “stay” tattoo?

Having inked such a simple “stay” on your skin won’t cause you any problem, but if you decide to get it done with somebody’s name just to show everyone that you’re in love and then break up with this person later on, then it can cause serious emotional damage.

"stay" couple tattoo
“stay” couple tattoo @ ricardo.di.paulla.tattoo