Three circle tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoos are a type of permanent body modification where a design is drawn on the skin. The tattoo design can be anything, but most people prefer to get one that has some kind of personal meaning. The three circle tattoo meaning is not only unique but has several other symbolic meanings attached to it. Let’s find out more about this interesting tattoo design.

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What does a three circle tattoo mean?

The three unique circles in this tattoo are usually joined together to form one symbol, but they can also be separate from one another. There is no real explanation behind the symbolism of these circles. However, there are several theories about them and what they stand for. The most common three circle tattoo meaning is that the three circles stand for hope, faith, and love.

Another explanation is that it stands for wisdom, power, and courage. These three elements are generally considered essential to life. The first two are normally associated with heart symbols or shapes. So these theories suggest that the three circle tattoo might portray a big heart.

A third theory about the three circle tattoo is that it stands for past, present, and future. This is because the circles are all connected but also separated by time. The center circle is linked to both of its neighbors but cannot be affected by them directly. This suggests that while we remain in the present moment it is impossible to change the past and the future remains unknown. However, we can influence it by using our mind to think positively or negatively.

Yet another meaning that has been associated with these circles is that they represent life, death, and rebirth. This theory is based on the idea that there are three stages of life: birth, death, and resurrection. The meaning of the three circles might represent these stages.

Other meanings for this design can include mind, body, and spirit. This meaning is based on the idea that the mind (the center circle) does not have a physical form but controls the body which in turn houses the spirit. Another possibility is that this tattoo could be related to earth, air, and water.

Tattoo artist Johnny Harrington has mentioned that this tattoo could stand for the three stages of life: childhood, adulthood, and old age. Each circle in this design depicts one of these stages with the middle circle representing adulthood. Childhood is represented by the outermost circle (smallest in size) because it is also the one that is the most fragile.


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The circle on the left (furthest from the center) represents adulthood because it has a larger circumference and is more stable than the outermost circle. The last circle represents old age as it is large, firm, and occupies an intermediate position between childhood and adulthood. Each of these stages are important as they provide a contrast between each other and allow life to be experienced fully.

Many people choose this tattoo because it is not specific and can hold several meanings for them. These three circles might remind you of your past, present, and future: where you have been, where you are now, and what you hope to achieve. It could also remind you of your mind, body, and spirit. Or it could signify the three stages of life.

The choice is yours as to what this tattoo represents for you. It might not be possible to find out the exact symbolism behind this design but try to make sense of it for yourself by analyzing what the three circles mean to you personally.