Tiare flower tattoo meaning and symbolism

The tiare flower tattoo has a special meaning for many people. If you are interested in the symbolism of the flower, read the following explanation.

The tiare is also called gardenia which is a genus that belongs to the coffee family, Rubiaceae. The flower got its name from French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville, who discovered it on the Pacific island of Tahiti. The flower was present on all islands of the South Pacific, where everyone knows its beauty.

The name tiare comes from the Polynesian language and means “sacred flower”.

So,What does a tiare tattoo stand for?

A gardenia tattoo is commonly associated with royalty, beauty and love. The flowers have been used for centuries in weddings to signify purity and fidelity.

In Tahiti the women wore this flower on their ear lobes, which showed that they were available for marriage.The tiare blossom can be worn by women to express their feminity and elegance.

In other parts of the world, gardenias are also significant. In China they represent beauty and in India emotions like love and passion.

Tiare arm tattoo
Tiare arm tattoo @ karen.darkarttattoo

Tiare tattoo colors and their meanings

In Polynesia the tiare flower tattoo comes in many colors. The main ones are white, black and red which all have different meanings.

  • White gardenia flower with a green stem means that you’re an innocent person looking for love. In addition, it can also mean that you don’t belong to this world or maybe even death itself.
  • Black gardenia tattoo stands for the sorrow and sadness. It may also indicate a transition, which can be either physical or spiritual.
  • Red flower with a green stem means joy and happiness. In addition to all of this it’s a would would for passionate love as well as deep emotions.

Tiare tattoo placements and their meanings

The Tiare flower tattoo can be placed on any spot of the body. However, it’s more common to see them on women’s torsos or legs. The meanings of the placements are as follows:

  • On the back : Pride, honor and dignity. It can also mean that you’re a passionate person who is capable of loving someone fully.
  • On the ankle : A tiare tattoo on the ankle means you’re a free spirit and someone who doesn’t care too much about anything.
  • Inner thighs : Women wear gardenia tattoos on their inner thighs to let people know that they are looking for love. In addition, it can also mean that your heart is as beautiful as a flower.
  • Upper back : A gardenia on the upper back is a sign that you’re spiritual and aware of your true self. Also, it shows the world that you are proud to be who you are.

Of course women aren’t the only ones especially engaged in this type of tattooing trend. Some men get Tiare tattoos as well, but it’s more common for them to do so on their arms or waist.

Tiare arm tattoo
Tiare arm tattoo @ inkleduff

Tiare tattoo design ideas

The tiare flower tattoo can be sketched in many ways. There are no rules when it comes to drawing the sketch, but here are few ideas for you to choose from:

The tiare tattoo alone or together with other designs : The gardenia design on its own looks very good. However, it’s also possible to combine it with other tattoo ideas. In such a case, it’s best to go with Polynesian designs or tribal tattoos .

The tiare flower without leaves : Sometimes all you want is to have a beautiful flower on your skin. In this case, the tiare blossom design looks quite good. However, if you combine it with other tattoo ideas there’s no need to leave out the leaves. They should always be present if you want your tattoo to resemble an actual gardenia flower.

The tiare flower with abstract elements : If you’re looking for a unique design, then you might want to go with an abstract interpretation of this Polynesian flower. You could opt for something really detailed or combine it with other elements to form a bigger tattoo.

tiare side tattoo
Tiare side tattoo @ bronzink


The tiare flower tattoo will look great on any part of your body, provided you take the placement into consideration. Also, the color scheme is up to you so feel free to choose whatever appeals most to you. The main thing is not to rush things because this type of tattoo usually requires a few touch-ups. So if you take your time and get it done by a professional then everything will turn out just fine in the end.

Also, don’t forget that tattoos are permanent so always do thorough research before getting one. Make sure to choose a tattoo artist you can trust because otherwise, things might get really messy later on down the road. So think it all through, but once you make the final decision then don’t hesitate for one second because you won’t regret it!