Triceratops tattoo meaning and symbolism

For some, triceratops tattoos are just a cool design. But do you know what the triceratops really looked like? Do you even know if they existed for real?

Maybe all your satisfaction comes from the look of the drawing and not from a deeper meaning. If you want a tattoo that will have a bigger meaning to you and will speak more about you, then you should try to dig a little deeper.

The tattooing process requires that we step into the skin of the person and see the world through his eyes. This is crucial if we want to create an “artwork” that means something for him and for no one else. The triceratops was a herbivore and looked like this:

Source: Allie_Caulfield Derivative: User:MathKnightCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


If we think about the triceratops symbolism, we can see that it had three big horns pointing forward on its head.

The name triceratops, meaning literally “three-horned face”, refers to the two horns above its eyes and the smaller third horn on its snout. merriam-webster

So what does a Triceratops tattoo mean?

Triceratops tattoos mean a lot of things. It can push you to be more careful about the way you behave, to take responsibility for your actions, and to have the courage to take action.

We all have a dark side inside us and Triceratops is definitely the animal that reminds us not to fall into temptation or evilness. This is why you see those images of the devil with three horns. It’s his trademark and he loves to show them off.

But let’s not be too negative for once: Triceratops tattoos can also symbolize your sense of humor and lightness, even if we tried to make you look at it as a really… umm… dark animal. This is a funny tattoo you can wear for life because it’s never going to be outdated.

Triceratops arm tattoo
Triceratops arm tattoo @ catab.tattooer

You should know that Triceratops was food for T rex. It was one of its favorite meals. We all know how T rex looked like: a huge lizard, big and powerful.

It’s reasonable to assume that T. rex occasionally preyed on Triceratops, though only Hollywood special-effects wizards know how it managed to evade this plant eater’s sharp horns. thoughtco

This is the perfect time to remind you that we should never do anything like T rex and Triceratops did. They were not exactly role models and it seems like they both got what was coming for them in the end, right?

We can understand that Triceratops is also a sign of strength, but it’s more about walking the talk and taking action even when you think everything around is collapsing. It means that your mind is strong and that your determination will not stop until you reach your goal.

A Triceratops tattoo can also symbolize something in your life that was reduced to a pile of bones but managed to get back on its feet. It means never giving up and flying in the face of adversity. Think positive!

While we talk about triceratops tattoos meaning, let’s not forget that they were herbivores and had three horns on the top of their heads. So if you’re asking yourself what does a triceratops tattoo mean, well, it means that you should “control” your temper, which is sometimes hard because everyone has a dark side.

Triceratops tattoos are quite popular with women who want to express their femininity and passiveness in their lives. It’s also associated with the idea of motherhood or simply family ties.

This can make a triceratops tattoo a really good idea for women who want to show off their love and affection.

Minimalist triceratops arm tattoo
Minimalist triceratops arm tattoo @ _vinz_

Wrap up !

Whatever your reason for getting a triceratops tattoo, keep in mind that this is one of those tattoos that will never go out of style. If you have an artistic side or just need something different to express your personality, then this is the right tattoo for you!