Trout tattoo meaning and symbolism

Trouts belong to the genus of fish called Salmo and it is a popular freshwater game fish known for its sustained speed and fight. It is one of the most sought after sport fish in America, mainly because of it’s strength and agility. Sharks, barracuda and marlin are some other examples of fishes that can be compared to a trout.

Tattoo artists and enthusiasts have been fascinated by the speed, agility and of course the beauty of this fish which has resulted in countless tattoos depicting it on various body parts for different people around the world.

So, what’s the meaning behind trout tattoos?

Trouts are freshwater fish and just like most other types of the fish, Trout tattoos can symbolize a number of things.

Strength and stability: This is probably the most common reason people get trout tattoos done. It has often been said that if you want to change your life for better and be more successful in your career or personal life, you need to learn how to stand firm and be more stable.

A trout can easily do that for you. It is a very strong fish and it also migrates long distances every year which symbolizes stability, journey and changes in life.

Freshwater game fish: Trouts are freshwater game fish. They are caught using various techniques like fly fishing, spin casting, trolling and many more. These are some of the techniques that can be used to catch them which makes trout tattoos even more popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

Determination: People who come from mountainous areas or places where there are lakes and ponds love trouts because they symbolize strength, determination and courage. Living in a place where the mountains surrounding you and feeling the cold breeze of wind is a huge factor which motivates people to get trouts as tattoos.

Spirituality: Another popular reason behind getting trout tattooed on various parts of your body that comes from spiritual reasons. People who believe in Buddhism or Hinduism feel that fish including trouts symbolize wealth, abundance and prosperity. Since these fish don’t fight back when they’re caught, people who believe in this theory usually get these tattoos to attract abundance and good luck into their lives.

Many people also believe that trouts protect you from evil and bad deeds by their mere presence around you like any other tattoo of a protective nature which is also another reason behind getting trouts inked on body parts like neck, arms, legs and the back.

Trout arm tattoo
Trout arm tattoo @ _ryhno_

Trout tattoo placements and their meaning

Trout tattoos are inked on the body parts that have to do with strength, power and agility. People who are associated with water sports like scuba diving, surfing or even fishing get inked with this fish because of the symbolism it represents – namely courage, discipline and strong will.

Trout tattoos can symbolize a number of things that depend upon what type of tattoo you choose:

Trout tattoos done on arm: Arm tattoos usually symbolize strength and courage. If you’re looking to get strength and courage tattooed on your body, a trout tattoo inked on your upper arm will be the perfect choice for you.

Trout tattoos done on legs: If you’re looking to get trouts inked but don’t want them to show, consider getting tattoos done on your legs. There are different areas of the leg where tattoos can be made invisible and it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking to get trouts inked but don’t want them visible instantly.

Trout tattoos done on the neck: This is a place where trout tattoos look extremely sexy and attractive. You can always try this out as long as you have at least a foot of good area for an upper neck tattoo. These tattoos look hot on both men and women, however getting a neck tattoo can be slightly painful.

Trout tattoos done on the shoulder: If you’re not okay with pain or don’t have enough time for long sessions of tattooing, consider getting trouts inked on your shoulders. These tattoos look sexy and attractive and if you maintain your weight well then this will look perfect on you.

Trout tattoos done in the back: Unlike the other places where trouts can be inked, a trout tattoo does not look great when inked on your lower back or behind your neck because it makes your body look chubby due to its narrow and long shape. However if you’re okay with this then try out a trout tattoo on your back.

Trout tattoos done on ribs: These tattoos look very sexy and women love them when inked on areas like the sides of their waist and their hips which is a perfect spot if you’re looking to get full arm tattoo or sleeves that are more attractive.

Trout tattoos done on ankle: These tattoos look sexy when inked on areas like ankles and lower legs.

Trout tattoos done on chest: Chest tattoos usually symbolize spirituality, love or masculinity. If you want a trout tattoo that can represent all these things for you then consider getting one inked on your chest.

Trout leg tattoo
Trout leg tattoo @ mikeashworthtattoos

Trout tattoo colors and their meaning

Trout tattoos are inked in bright colors like red, orange, green or blue. These bright colors make trout tattoos look extremely attractive and sexy. You can also go for multi-color trouts that come with different shades of the same color.

Trout tattoos done in black: Black colored trouts look very sexy on lighter skin tones and do not look good on people with darker skin tones. Black is a color that can either make your tattoo look extremely sexy or ruin it completely, so use it only if you’re okay with looking either really hot or just average.

Trout tattoos done in white: If you’re looking for something simple and understated then go for trouts inked in a single color like white. White trouts look extremely sexy and attractive when inked on darker skin tones and do not look great when inked on lighter skin tones.

Trout tattoos done in gray: Gray is a color that looks good if you’re looking to get a tattoo that will look great on lighter skin tones and won’t look at all attractive when done on people with darker skin tones.

Trout tattoos done in blue: Blue is associated with serenity, stillness and peace; it’s perfect for people who are looking to get a design that represents their spiritual side.

Trout tattoos done in green: Green is associated with wealth, fertility and abundance; it’s perfect for people who are looking to get a tattoo that looks like a fishing net because it symbolizes abundance.

Trout tattoos done in yellow: As mentioned earlier, yellow represents growth and development; if you’re someone with a creative mind then this color will look great on you and your trout tattoo will represent your creativity.

Trout calf tattoo
Trout calf tattoo @ fat.lawrence