Vase tattoo meaning and symbolism

Vase tattoos are extremely popular among women, who appreciate the fact that they can be romantic and delicate at the same time. A tattoo is an artistic way to express your love towards someone special, making it more intimate and deep.

One of the main reasons why vases make such a perfect choice for tattoos is their symbolism. They denote mystery, sophistication, beauty and creativity. The obvious connection with flowers only makes it more romantic.

Vase leg tattoo
Vase leg tattoo @ lo_marie_s

However, you should understand that flowers are not the only thing which can be drawn in a vase. It depends on your creativity what exactly will decorate it, so why don’t try to be open-minded when thinking of its design?

The most common type is an empty vase with flowing water inside. This represents purity and simplicity. As vases are often associated with weddings, it is not uncommon to find one symbolizing this event.

Another popular option is a wall mirror decorated with flowers and butterflies. Mirrors represent self-awareness and the ability to be who you really are. Butterflies carry the meaning of transformation, so it represents moving on, growth and change. It is often accompanied by a quote which says something like ‘you don’t know where you’ll end up or who you’ll meet’, to emphasize that we can’t predict the future and its possibilities.

“Butterflies and vases tattoos also symbolize femininity, as they are both associated with beauty.”

An empty vase without water is a popular symbol of hope. It represents faith, as it implies that one day something new will come into our life and everything will be fine. Empty vases can also represent wasted potential – so don’t forget to give some thought as to what exactly you want your tattoo to mean!

According to some beliefs, a broken vase means good luck. However, in most cases it means sorrow and grief.

“Vase tattoos in black and grey style look excellent and can be a perfect choice for women who prefer to keep things simple.”

If the vase has flowers inside, then it represents life. As we all know, flowers wither eventually, so when they are drawn inside a vase, it means that they will not be here forever.

What’s more, flowers can also represent women and their beauty: lilies symbolize chastity and purity, carnations mean ‘I adore you’, and roses most obviously symbolize love.

Another popular option is a pair of intertwined vases with two doves sitting on them. In Christianity, doves symbolize love and peace. It is a popular option for couples tattoos, but it can also be used by women who want to express their affinity with nature. Vases can also be decorated with hearts or other shapes which have positive meaning for you!

vase back tattoo
vase back tattoo @ instagram

Another reason why women love to get vases tattooed is the fact that they can easily suit their body parts, especially lower back or ankle areas.

Finally, there are different styles to get a vase tattoo done in. There are 3D vases, which are especially popular, but there are also vases in watercolor style or even tribal vase tattoos. They can be simple and small or very intricate and detailed, the choice is yours!

As far as tattoo designs go, a lot depends on your personal taste. Vase tattoos look great when they include flowers inside, so you can have them painted on the vase, or you can also use different objects, like leaves or even an animal.