“Void” tattoo meaning and symbolism

“Void” tattoo importance depends on the personal philosophy which gives rise to having this particular sign inked on you. To understand it better we must go into the definition and symbolism of “void”.

The most common definition of void is an empty space or absence, emptiness. It is not concrete, it has no substance; rather it is the potential to be something.

Void arm tattoo
Void arm tattoo @ yindira.tattooing

So, what do VOID tattoos mean?

  • Lack

From the physical point of view, this tattoo can mean many things: holes in clothes (that happens often), places left vacant in crowds, gaps between teeth and so on. All these things have a single identical meaning – lack.

  • Reminder

People who choose this tattoo want to emphasize this fact, or they want to recall it every time they see the sign over their skin. It brings something from the past and connects it with the present so you remember how things were before and what goals you still have ahead of you.

That is why people get this tattoo – to remind themselves that life is full of changes and there are no permanent things.

  • Transition

It can also mean a step forward, a necessary part of the process. “Void” tattoo design should always be used as a symbol that emphasizes transition from one place or state to another. This way it defines your current position in time and shows where you are going or what you want to change about yourself.

People who have a “void” tattoo do not feel good in their skin and they want to leave some part of themselves behind, so this symbol brings them closer to that goal.

  • Struggle

You can also be sure that if someone had been struggling with serious addiction problems before getting the tattoo, this will help them to stay alive and quit. This is because the tattoo itself has the meaning it has – it does not mean anything else but “transition”.

The fact that lack of something cannot be defined as permanent makes people feel less sad about their current situation. Also, this sign can make someone realize what they want or where to find it.


Regardless of the personal reasons and symbolism you want to put in your tattoo, “void” design is a great pick if you know what you want to get from it. There is something about having this sign on your skin that makes people look at it with respect every time they see it.

Void arm tattoo
Void arm tattoo @bokettopoke