Volcano tattoo meaning and symbolism

Volcano tattoos also often carry hidden meaning, known only to those who decided to make such images of fire and smoke on themselves. However, if you look at the history of the symbolism, then it is quite simple to understand what such a tattoo means.

Volcano arm tattoo
Volcano arm tattoo @gundabad.studio

The word “volcano” itself is translated from Italian as “fire place”. And it’s not difficult to guess that the volcano, in turn, refers to fire and lava, which constantly flows out of it. It is this liquid element that gives such a sign on the body its meaning.

Volcanoes are one of the most deadly phenomena on Earth. The inhabitants of the planet always feared them, seeing them as an embodiment of evil or malice. Even if this element does not pose a threat to life (although at any moment it can become destructive for thousands), then lava and fire that constantly flow from him, always made people think about danger coming from the inside, about destruction and death.

What does volcano tattoos mean ? and who can wear them ?

Volcanoes often play a negative role in literature. They symbolize anger, passion, unbridled human desires. People who are fond of reading novels with mystical elements will definitely remember several stories where people become victims of volcano eruptions or lava flows. It is these images that also form the image of the volcano tattoo.

People who are fond of yoga or meditation, where they explore themselves and their desires, often decide to make a symbol of fire on their body. And in this case, it can become a sign for them that they have found serenity within themselves and that the destruction never gets out into public life around them.

People who are involved in all sorts of risky activities, such as skydiving or hang gliding, often make a decision to get the image of volcano tattoo. It is not by chance that many athletes also choose this sign because it can help them find courage and strengthen their spirit when they need it during the competition.

Volcano tattoo designs and placements

Volcano arm tattoo
Volcano arm tattoo @kareninjatattoo

Some people believe that the volcano tattoo should be done on the back. This placement of the element can symbolize that inside people there is a force that constantly pushes them to do something difficult and seemingly impossible.

This tattoo perfectly complements any other image or sign, which also has some sort of mystical meaning. It’s enough to look at many images and you will see that the volcano is perfect for tattoos with quotes. If you are to put a quote on yourself, then this element will complete it perfectly.

Also, since the volcano represents an inner fire that constantly burns inside people, then to make such a tattoo on your body can be interpreted as desire or wish to achieve something great in life.

Although there is a lot of symbolism associated with this tattoo, but people who decide to make it on themselves also have a very personal reason for doing so. Perhaps they simply like the way how looks such design or that is why they wanted their tattoo to be made in one specific style – 3D volcano tattoos. In any case, there is no right or wrong reasons for doing this.

What matters is that they like this sign and what it means to them, not anyone else’s opinion about it.

The fact that the volcano tattoo can symbolize various things can be both positive and negative. We will leave you to decide which one of these points of view suits your idea better.

Volcano tattoos : the men’s choice

Women rarely decide to adorn themselves with a tattoo of a volcano. The main reason for this is that women usually have a lower threshold for pain, and the process of getting such a tattoo is very painful even with anesthesia. In addition, as you know, all tattoos are now considered fashion items among hipsters and representatives of the alternative culture

Tattooing on his body man chooses for different reasons. Nevertheless, since ancient times, the most popular motives were inscriptions with images or signs depicting some aspect of life and daily rituals of the people. And the tattoo inked on a man’s body is not an exception: at different times and in different parts of the globe, tattoos were used to convey certain information to others about their owner.

By nature, we all want to express ourselves. The tattoo makes it possible to do this-to show his individuality and uniqueness. And if earlier the tattoos were used only to demonstrate membership in a certain group, now fashion and fashion dictate their rules. The fashion industry valued tattoos as efficient accessories that underline the individuality of the person wearing them.