Werewolf tattoo meaning and symbolism

The werewolf is a mythical animal, who belongs to those creatures that have been with us since ancient times and which now are so much loved by the public. This creature is very common in many cultures, especially in Europe where it takes its most popular and widely known shape: the half man and half wolf.

In this article, we’ll talk about why this myth was born and then we’ll focus on what a werewolf tattoo means.

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Werewolf Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism – Origins of the Werewolf Legends

The werewolf as a mythical creature has been known since ancient times, but its first literary appearance dates from Ancient Greece where it was described by Petronius in his work Satyricon. In this work, he tells a story about an animal that changes into a man and then back again.

In Ancient Greece, there were many gods who had the power of metamorphosis, one of them was Zeus who could take the shape of a swan or an eagle at will. However, from this God’s offspring, who were known as the Centaurs, giants and even Scylla there were several creatures that had an animal appearance.

The Roman word for wolf was Lupus which gave rise to the legend of the Werewolves (Lupus Mannus). The Werewolf legends are present in almost all European countries where they take on different shapes and attributes depending on the country where they were born.

For example, in Greece, it is said that a man can turn into a werewolf if he eats humans or wolf flesh and many times the shape of the werewolves will change depending on whether it’s day or night.

In Spain, we find legends of men who could transform themselves into animals such as wolves, cats, and dogs with the Moon as a trigger.

In France, there is another story belonging to this myth: an old woman was so evil that every time she touched someone they would die. A man called Marius found her and killed her by cutting off her head and placing two silver coins in the mouth of the dead person which turned them into a werewolf.

In any case, there are always tales about how anyone can become a werewolf by placing themselves under the protection of the devil. In exchange for this service that person would have to renounce their Christian faith and give away their soul. In these legends, we also find that if someone becomes a werewolf then they will find it very difficult to turn back into a human.

werewolf arm tattoo
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Werewolf Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism – Werewolves in Modern Culture

After the Middle Ages, legends of werewolves started to be diluted but they did not disappear completely. These legendary animals continued to appear in film, literature, and music.

In 1903 for example, George Melies directed the movie The Beast of Gevaudan, which tells the story of a young girl who goes to live in a small village. However, her presence is not welcome and soon she becomes the victim of some attacks carried out by a beast that turns into a human after eating sheep.

The famous musical work by English composer Bernard Herrmann was inspired by this legend and in 2001 it became a film under the same title, The Curse of the Werewolf. This time we follow the story of a man who is destined to become a werewolf and follow his destiny.

Finally, in 1994 there was the movie Wolf: The Animated Series which also follows the adventures of an orphan who turns into a wolf and must fight against evil and save others.

In the same way, werewolf tattoos have also found a place in modern society and many people opt for them to show their love for these mythical creatures and legends.

werewolf arm tattoo
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Werewolf Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism – Werewolf Tattoos

The werewolf is a popular character in mythology, literature, and film so it’s no wonder that this myth has influenced tattoos. Although the most obvious place to have a tattoo of this mythical animal would be on the back, there are some people who prefer to put them on the chest or arms.

Whatever area of ​​the body you choose, the werewolf is without a doubt an animal that has many legends and stories surrounding it. So if you want to show people around you your love for this animal then one of these tattoos will be ideal.

Werewolves Tattoo Meanings :Legends and Folklore

It is said that these tattoos were used to warn other people that they had been in contact with spirits or fairies who could turn into animals. This way you avoided having to drink water from your cup since many times this would be done without washing it and there was no way to know whether you were drinking from someone else’s cup or not.

However, with the passage of time came an improvement in hygiene and as we said before there was no longer a risk of contamination. This is why today we tend to see these tattoos on necks and arms which gives them a completely different meaning: like having your own totem or spirit guide.

Some people describe this mythical creature as a unique spirit that can help us overcome any situation and give us strength and courage to defeat all obstacles.

In addition, the wolf is one of the most intelligent animals on earth which makes it an ideal spirit guide for those who want to develop their intuitive abilities and sharpen their senses.

Another way of interpreting the mythical creature is to see it as a protector who will give us caution and awareness in life. In other words, when we have this animal with us we will be more guarded and wary of what happens around us not only in terms of danger but also in everyday situations.

In these tattoos, you can find many symbols that will help us to understand the meaning of this totem or spirit guide. For example, if we see a werewolf eating sheep then the first association that springs to mind is strength and ferocity.

That leads us to believe that this mythical creature would be ideal for those who want to take advantage of their inner wolf nature in order to achieve their goals and overcome any obstacle in their lives.

Another interpretation of the most common symbols associated with werewolf tattoos is linked to its use as a family crest during the Middle Ages which means that this animal was usually used by nobles or landowners. In addition, they also used these symbols to protect their families from evil during the night.

werewolf arm tattoo
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Wrap Up

Whether you are looking to carry the inner wolf spirit with you or whether you would prefer it to be a totem that gives you strength or perhaps warns you of danger, these tattoos will also feature some symbols such as stars and inverted pentagrams which add more meaning to them.

So if like many people around the world, werewolves have always captured your interest, then look no further than these tattoos.

I hope you liked the article.