What does a cougar tattoo represent?

A cougar tattoo represents the desire to be in control in all situations. A cougar is a woman who takes charge, in business or pleasure. The female face in the center of the design signifies an underlying ferocity and self-assurance, which can also symbolize femininity, caring and motherly qualities.

The sleek body of a cougar and the claws indicate strength, meaning that a tattooed woman can handle whatever life throws at her. The design as a whole is highly stylized and completely classy. It is also a popular choice for girls who aspire to take charge of any situation, but are too shy to admit it.

cougar arm tattoo
cougar arm tattoo @kimberly_pegasus

The cougar design can be enhanced by the addition of other elements, such as the cactus plant, which can signify life in the desert or an ability to adapt to difficult circumstances.

The cougar design has also been adapted to many styles of tattoos, from incredibly realistic to highly stylized and abstract. It is a popular choice for girls who want a unique tattoo that does not resemble anything else out there.

As mentioned in a tattooartfromtheheart article, cougar tattoos can also mean motherhood :

Cougars are good mothers too, and they represent power, intuition, feminine, as well as strength. They also represent leadership, as well as taking charge of one’s life and the circumstances in the most effective way.

As with any tattoo, this design takes up very significant real estate. The size, intricacy and location of the design are all factors that should be considered when choosing your tattoo.

Whether you’re getting a cougar tattoo for yourself or on behalf of someone else, there is no better time to get it than now. You can find tens of thousands of designs available in every imaginable style; this piece

What does a cougar tattoo look like?

Cougar leg tattoo
Cougar Arm tattoo @jimmyconway66

Cougar tattoos can be symbolic or realistic. A common design features a female face with the body of a big cat, such as a lioness. The design is often accompanied by text that means ‘cougar’. In addition to being an expression of self-confidence and power, the cougar is often depicted as a mother figure, ready to protect her cubs.

Cougar tattoos are black and grey or color. Depending on the style of design, they can be very creative and detailed.

Where can you get a cougar tattoo? And how much does it cost?

Taking into consideration that cougar tattoos are usually quite big, they can be very expensive. The price of the tattoo is determined by the size, design complexity and location on the body. as tatring mentionned :

A huge 8″ by 10″ back piece might cost more like $810.

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