What does a raspberry tattoo represent ?

A raspberry tattoo represents different things to different people. For some it’s a way to show their love for somebody by having the person’s initial in a raspberry cluster and where the heart would be has the name of that person in it. It is also used as an arc symbol showing support and protection over children or other loved one’s, much like a guardian angel and by the date of their birth and death. This type of raspberry tattoo is often done in pink with tiny sprigs for leaves.

As styleoholic says :

 A raspberry is a symbol of a passion, a love and a fertility. And, of course, it can also mean a strength, a protection and a power.

For others, it’s simply a visual pun to get across the idea that “we’re all raspberries”.

Or because they relate to raspberries in some way.

Raspberry ancle tattoo
Raspberry ancle tattoo @grshwsk

A raspberry tattoo may also be done in black/grey or sepia color to simply represent the fruit itself.

The symbolism of the raspberry is very rich and varied, so much so that it’s hard to put a finger on what makes it symbolic other then its self sufficiency as food for humans, animals, bees and birds. There is also a variety of symbolism that comes from its associations with children and youth.

In the Victorian times girls would wear raspberry leaf tea to help ensure good health during pregnancy and a healthy child birth. This was later joined by raspberry syrup which was given to both women in labor and infants once they were born to strengthen them, heal illness, remove phlegm and help with stomach problems. Raspberry tea was also used for many years to treat diarrhea in adults and children.

As the fruit itself it is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber and potassium which can lower blood pressure – so much so that bottles of concentrated raspberry juice are often given to people recovering from heart attacks to help aid their recovery.

Rasberries are also a natural diuretic and can be used as such to help relieve bloating and water retention.

The symbolism of the raspberry is complex because, those who associate it with youth see it as sign of innocence and purity because its so closely tied to children and nature itself whiles those who see it for its health benefits are more inclined to view it as a sign of life, good health and long life.

As stated in a wildtattooart article , a tattoo of a poney and a raspberry can be a symbol of kindness

A peony and raspberries tattoo represents kindness. The tattoo soothes the heart with its serene vibes. Therefore, it would be right to say that this tattoo increases your endurance levels for pain, anger and all kinds of negativity.

Raspberry tattoo design ideas

Raspberry arm tattoo
Raspberry arm tattoo @frommay_tat

A raspberry tattoo can be done in a wide variety of styles and sizes. As with any tattoo, the larger ones will require more detail and better shading while the smaller ones will have less detail and less shading.

Raspberry tattoos are often done in black and grey, some with color added either to the berries or as a splash of color somewhere on the design or both. The leaves can be done in green, blue/grey, white tinged with green or brown depending on how you plan to shade them. They can also be done in sepia to keep with the vintage theme.

How you shade your raspberry tattoo is up to you, though it’s advisable to use multiple shades for both the leaves and berry clusters as one color tends not to look realistic. Dark green can make a nice base color for the leaves that fades into black, then you can add lighter shades of green and/or brown as highlights and the tips of the leaves can be shaded with blue. The berries can be shades of red, pink, or black depending on your choice. White shading over black will give you a very different look then black shading over red/pink.