What does AB tattoo mean?

A tattoo of the letters “AB” stands for the name of a person, place or thing. It can also be used as an acronym for other phrases. For instance, “AB” could stand for “Absolute Best.”

AB arm tattoo
AB arm tattoo @ artist_atul_panotwra

AB tattoo designs can be simple, with a block-style “A” and a block-style “B.” If the person getting the tattoo wants to go for something more elaborate, he or she could choose from a wide range of styles.

For example, an AB tattoo might include both letters in script lettering. It might also feature a heart or other shape in the middle of the letters. Those who choose a traditional tattoo may have to look around for a while before finding a style that they like, but those who want something more elaborate might already have their perfect AB tattoo design in mind.

An AB tattoo usually represents “Acting Bad” meaning tough or cool. It can also mean “All Bets Are Off.”

One slang definition of the initials is for someone who is “All Business.” Sometimes people may get AB tattoos to represent the initials of a significant other. People have also been known to get AB tattoos as a tribute or memorial for a fallen comrade, or in remembrance of someone lost.

AB tattoo can be said as “Adult Baby“. In this context it is used by people in the adult baby scene. Usually applies to females who enjoy acting as a baby.

AB tattoo can also stand for “Adios, B****” or “Au revoir, B****“. In this context it is used mostly by women as an expression of anger or frustration.

In the military it could also mean “Allied Builders“. Allied Builders are Construction Specialist in the US Navy that performs various construction projects throughout the world in different military bases. The job carries risks, sometimes they are the only people on the island with proper tools and instructions to carry out their tasks.