What is the meaning of 0311 tattoo?

0311 is the military code for a sniper. A person with this tattoo generally has killed in battle or has great skill in marksmanship, usually both. If you see someone carrying an M-16 but not firing it, they probably have this tattoo!

0311 arm tattoo

Credit : instagram

The term “0311” is also used to describe someone who is flat-out awesome and who isn’t afraid to say what he/she thinks.

0311 is also a common tattoo that many marines get because of its meaning. However most marines do not get the tattoo in pure black ink like the one pictured above, they usually add color such as yellow or green (color). Also sometimes they add another number

The ’03’ refers to the 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division (MARDIV). The ’11’ is self-explanatory. The skull with the bullet hole in it symbolizes a Corpsman who was killed in action while treating an injured Marine during the Iwo Jima campaign (1944).

You can get this tattoo if you are a member of this Marine Corps battalion or you know someone who is/was in this unit. They will definitely appreciate your loyalty and respect for them.

0311 – An old designation for military occupations within infantry battalions, particularly those engaged in combat, which included the assignment of field medics.

11th Marine Regiment – Nicknamed “The Devil Dogs” for their actions at Belleau Wood during World War I, Marines who fought with these infantrymen are said to have remarked, “the Devil Dog has got them.”