What’s the meaning behind a money tattoo ?

A money tattoo has different meanings, depending on who you ask. But in most cases, tattoos with dollar signs in them refer to the person’s ambition in life; they want to stay wealthy and make more (or maintain their current) cash flow. Having dollar sign tattoos is similar to having a business-related tattoo like an accounting logo or a dollar sign made out of vines.

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Another meaning is related to the alignment of planets and stars. Some people think that with money tattoos, you attract positive energy and good fortune.

But eye-catching as they may be, these tattoos with dollar signs can often lead to controversy and negative criticisms from people who aren’t too fond of body art.

When it comes to getting a tattoo, sometimes an idea is awesome in your head but not so awesome now that it’s on your skin. If you like the look of dollars signs or other powerful symbols such as diamonds or yin yangs, consider adding them as designs instead; stick with initials or names if you’re worried about workplace discrimination against tattoos.

While it’s true that many people get these kinds of tattoos for monetary reasons, there are also some individuals who opt to have dollar sign tattoos (or other symbol related to wealth) because they believe that getting these symbols cover certain parts of their body will bring them luck when it comes to making money.

For example: A friend of mine has a dollar sign tattoo on the lower part of his leg. When I asked him why, he said that it’s a symbol of luck and prosperity for him. He also mentioned that when he was younger, he had a small business with some friends and they all agreed to get the dollar sign tattooed on their body parts (each one got different symbols) in order to make more money and not run out of cash flow (which they did).

The most common places for people who want to get these tattoos are: arms, lower back/legs (for men), ribcage (for women), upper back, neck, chest and hands; but there are people who have these tattoos almost everywhere including face and feet.

Remember! Do your research before getting a money tattoo. Look for ideas, inspirations or the work of an artist that you want to get a certain symbol from.