What’s the meaning of salamander tattoos ?

Salamander tattoos are usually done in tribal style, but also simple black-ink designs are seen. When thinking of a salamander tattoo design, it is sometimes associated with fire and heat related events . For instance, if the person got out of a burning building,survived near death experiences (such as car accidents), or near death events such as illness (cancer).

salamander leg tattoo
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Salamander tattoos in ancient times

Salamanders in ancient times were thought to be able to survive fire and even extinguish flames. If a salamander was found in a burning house, the fire would supposedly leave with it. To some people, a salamander tattoo represents protection from fire and heat. One legend about these tattoos states that if a person is in danger of being burned, the salamander will come to extinguish the flame.

In Christian symbolism, which is often incorporated into tattoo designs, salamanders represent fire and purity. In this symbolism, they are likened to Jesus, who walked through the fires of hell unharmed.

In medieval Europe, salamanders were often used as a symbol for alchemists. For them, the salamander represented fire in which they hoped to transform lead into gold. Today, this is no longer seen as their main symbolic meaning.

Salamander tattoos are said to have originated in the Middle Ages. It is possible that some brave souls who survived fire or severe burns were tattooed with a salamander design as a means of identifying themselves to others.

It was probably a means of seeking comfort from others who might have had similar experiences.

Salamander tattoo meanings nowadays

In today’s society, salamander tattoos are done for various reasons. Some do it to remember an event in which they were burned but survived. Others get the tattoo for spiritual or magical purposes. There is also some belief that getting a salamander tattoo may bring good luck, especially if you’re in a situation that may result in injury from fire or heat.

The salamander still has its place in many people’s lives and tattoos are just one of the ways to show their meaning and history. Salamanders were once thought able to survive fire, so some consider them as powerful symbols for protection and survival from flames.

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