What’s the meaning of scarecrow tattoos ?

The Scarecrow – also known as the Straw Man or Husk symbolizes many different things to many different people. For some it’s a reminder that they are no more than an “imitation” of who they truly are, and that everyone has the ability to be what they want to become if they put their heart into it. Others may see the Scarecrow as a remnant from their childhood, depicting those times when we let our imagination run wild and dreamt of becoming anything we wanted.

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The straw man is a set of clothes stuffed with hay or straw. In popular fictional accounts, he was described as a formless bag of straw carried on a pole by evil men who used him to attract stray children for nefarious purposes.

It is also thought that the Scarecrow was created in medieval times when crops were sparse and farmers feared hungry crows would eat their meager food source. A scarecrow is meant to keep the birds away by emulating a scary person – making it the original “scare tactic.”

The Scarecrow is also believed to symbolize one’s role in society and how he acts as a protector, keeping watch over the city of his domain.

Scarecrows are used each year at Halloween by leaving them on doorsteps or outside of haunted houses. They signify that “something wicked this way comes” and the homeowner wishes to ward off any trick-or-treaters.

Scarecrow tattoos are intended as a dedication to the dreams that have been abandoned, those things we could have been or done if only we tried hard enough – this is why they are frequently depicted alongside crows, ravens and other scary birds.

The essence of a scarecrow is its role as a bridge between the living and the dead, and also as an emblem for those who have passed on. The Scarecrow’s popularity has continued to grow over the years, and we now see scarecrows in our everyday lives that didn’t exist then: Halloween costumes; hanging out of car windows; dried flowers; cross-stitched wall hangings; hats, and other novelties.

Scarecrow tattoos also appear to be a popular choice as a memorial tattoo for those who have lost someone close to them. In this case it is usually accompanied by things such as angels or other religious images, the deceased’s name, dates of birth and death – anything to symbolize the passing of a treasured individual.

According to cultural norms, tattoos are usually intimidating or menacing in some way. Scarecrow tattoos do not fit into this scenario as they are generally seen as being harmless and cute – yet at the same time many people fear them because they are unknown, foreign objects.

The Scarecrow is an unusual tattoo symbol that has drawn much praise over the years; due to its colorful history it continues to hold special meaning for those who feel drawn to it.

Scarecrow Tattoos Designs and Ideas :

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At the very first look, scarecrow tattoos seem to be hilarious.

But when you read about what they mean in tattoo world, you will have a different perspective.

They are actually quite meaningful and deep.

I think it’s interesting that most of people would choose to get one on their skin.

This is my favorite design.

It’s pretty intense looking because of the eyes .

But when you read about what it means, you change your mind again.

I think this is one of the best ideas for scarecrow tattoos!