Wheat Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

It goes without saying that ear of wheat tattoo designs are very common, but they usually lack originality. The beautiful thing about this symbol is that it can be used in many different ways to make an interesting tattoo design.

Below you will find the most common symbolism behind the wheat tattoos and some other alternatives for this highly popular motive .

What does a wheat tattoo signify?

Ear of wheat tattoo designs symbolize the beauty and power of nature. They stand for fertility and prosperity, but also new beginning, patience and faith.

Wheat tattoo designs are associated with the rural life. They symbolize hard work, stability and connections to the earth.

from a religious perspective, wheat tattoos can mean sacrifice , as mentioned in nextluxury

Their primary appeal is tied to Biblical connotations, which uses the plant as a metaphor for belief and self-sacrifice.

Tattooed on girls they often represent femininity or motherhood. On men the same design can mean fertility and leadership qualities. Wheat stands also for strength and endurance which is why this motive was chosen by many athletes as their symbol.

Wheat ankle Tattoo
Wheat ankle Tattoo @ mavitattoo

Wheat tattoo designs are also associated with harvest, which is why it is commonly chosen by farmers.

Why would anybody get a wheat tattoo?

As mentioned above there are many different meanings that this beautiful motive can have. It can symbolize femininity, motherhood, strength and endurance which is why it’s often sported by men.

It also stands for fertility, prosperity and new beginnings which makes it a great choice for women who are getting married or have just given birth to their first child.

Different wheat tattoos and various interpretations

A wheat tattoo design usually includes an entire ear of wheat, but it can also be just a single strand which makes this motive more versatile.

  • wheat and sun tattoo : This combination can symbolize new beginning and cycles of life, it is also connected to the Greek goddess Demeter.
wheat and sun tattoo
wheat and sun tattoo @mcvladalexandru
  • wheat and poppy tattoo : This common design symbolizes fertility and femininity. It was popular with women who worked in factories during World War I because in Slavic culture poppies are associated with sleep and death.
  • Wheat tattoo with butterfly : this beautiful motive can symbolize femininity, strength or simply happiness depending on your interpretation .

Related questions

What’s the best color for a wheat tattoo ?

orange or yellow are the most common colors used in this design.

What is the best placement for a wheat tattoo?

wheat tattoos are usually small and placed on wrists, ankles or shoulder but they look great anywhere on the body. They are often combined with other designs to make more elaborate tattoo ideas .

Do wheat tattoos have a special meaning?

Yes, ear of wheat tattoos are very special and have a deep meaning. If you get this tattoo make sure to research its symbolism so that it represents what you want.

Why is the wheat tattoo so popular?

wheat tattoo designs are popular among everyone especially women. It is a great symbol that can have multiple meanings depending on your interpretation . This motive looks great when it’s simple but if you want to make it more interesting combine it with other designs or add some color .

wheat rib tattoo
wheat rib tattoo @ ihatematthewstella