Wishbone tattoo meaning and symbolism

The wishbone is one of the most ancient symbols that exist. It was already used in ancient Egypt and it appeared in many cultures throughout history.

It’s very interesting that even today it still performs its symbolic function, which is to bring luck and happiness for people who believe in it.

Wishbone arm tattoo
Wishbone arm tattoo @ minataur.tattoo

so what’s the meaning behind wishbone tattoos?

The wishbone symbolizes different things depending on the culture in which this symbolism was established.


In Western culture, it represents the perfect union between two people who will share their lives and whose love is strong enough to break a bone in half. Such an image of unity and strength finds refuge in women’s dreams, where they long for getting married and becoming part of a couple that will unite and grow together, as if they were one.

broken heart

Another symbol that might inspire women is the bone’s anatomy, where it gets the shape of a heart. The symbolism of such an image brings to light how much love can actually break someone’s heart and make them feel like their bones are cracking under the pressure of such strong feelings.

everlasting love

In Greek, the wishbone is known as “kolio”, and it represents everlasting love and is often used in weddings or engagements as a symbol of love and passion. The Greeks believe that if someone touches your head during the time you eat the bone, you will have to marry each other , so it’s a good idea to make sure there aren’t any people around.


In some countries, the wishbone means freedom and is mainly given as a gift for occasions such as birthdays or graduations. The symbolism back then was that if you break your bone, you will be free from everything bad that has become part of your life.

letting go of past mistakes

Another interesting aspect that might appeal to you is that the wishbone also represents letting go of your past and starting a new life. That’s why it doesn’t only represent good things, but also endings and new beginnings.

Overall, it is quite obvious how this very simple symbol became so popular in many cultures throughout history. It’s hard to go wrong with something so powerful and beautiful at the same time, but it’s also good to know what deep meaning you are choosing to have inked onto your skin when you decide on a wishbone tattoo.

Wishbone tattoo placements and their meanings

The most popular place to get a wishbone tattoo is the back of your neck, as it’s one of those rare spots that look beautiful even though they don’t cover too much area. It gives you enough room to work with and it looks as if you were biting into something tasty as well.

Another interesting spot would be the shoulders, especially if you work with the perspective and choose to make your wishbone appear like someone is holding it and trying to break it. It’s a very popular tattoo design and it looks as if the symbolism of breaking free from something has been added into your designs.

And on top of that, here are some placement ideas for your wishbone tattoo:

  • Wrist area
  • Butterfly tattoos
  • Upper arm

Another great place to have a wishbone tattoo is on your ribs, but not everyone has enough skin there in order to fit this symbol. It’s one of those rare pieces that are very delicate looking, so it needs a lot of space to look good and it needs the right person to carry it.

Wishbone leg tattoo
Wishbone leg tattoo @ seanbrianwebbtattoo