Wrench tattoo meaning and symbolism

The wrench tattoo meaning is a symbol of the main professions that use this tool.

Tinkers, mechanics, welders certainly qualify for this group.

These occupations are pretty broad and it’s obvious they all have something in common.

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Wrench tattoo has different symbolic values depending on what profession you’re referring to, but they all symbolize certain values that these people share throughout their life.

Welders for instance, they share the love of fire and passion for creating things from metal.

Tinkers work with metal too, but also enjoy breaking down various objects into components that will later become new things.

Mechanics are usually busy working on some machine or another type of equipment, that is why this tattoo also brings the meaning of the mechanical field.

An interesting fact about a wrench tattoo can be its side effect – a man with a wrench tattoo will always find himself surrounded by those who need help and those who are willing to offer it. If you take up volunteer work for instance, this tattoo does not really matter whether you have a specific goal or not. You’ll always be surrounded by people who will appreciate your help and support in one way or another.

Keep in mind that this kind of assistance is not just a random act, it goes to those who truly need help without being able to ask for it. If you have a wrench tattoo and you’re just looking for someone to complain about your day to – well, I’ll leave it up to you, but keep in mind that those with this tattoo will only offer you their ear and advice.

Wrench tattoo is a great choice for those who like tinkering with metal or enjoy manual labor that this type of profession brings, such as welding and mechanics. This symbol may be associated with masculinity; however, there are many women today who hold these professions.

If you’re thinking about getting this tattoo, keep in mind that the wrench is not always displayed alone; it may be accompanied by other symbols like a cogwheel or bolt. It’s also common to see this tattoo with an inscription which has some special meaning for its bearer.

Some Wrench tattoo ideas…


There are several styles of a wrench tattoos. Depending on preference, the most common would be the one that’s worn on the bicep, upper arm or shoulder.


This tattoo style is pretty straightforward and you can easily hide it when necessary. Just like in case of any other type, the design itself is not that important as long as your tattoo artist does a good job with executing the idea behind it.

You would also be able to add some finishing touch such as bolts and nuts if you want to make it more complicated. In general, all types of tattoos can look great when done properly by a talented hand, but this one even more so because the wrench tool must be added into the mix at some point too.