Baguette Tattoo Meaning : Nostalgia and Simplicity

In the realm of tattoo artistry, where symbols and images serve as personal expressions, the baguette tattoo has emerged as a unique and intriguing choice. Beyond its association with French cuisine, the baguette holds a deeper symbolism for those who choose to immortalize it on their skin. Let’s delve into the layers of meaning behind … Read more

Gummy bear tattoo meaning and symbolism

Gummy bear tattoos are wonderfully cute, but the meaning of this particular tattoo goes beyond adorableness. Since gummi bears are so sweet and tasty looking, it’s easy to see why they’ve become popular as tattoos. So, what’s the meaning behind gummy bear tattoos? Gummy bears are often associated with happiness and fun, making them a … Read more

Lollipop tattoo meaning and symbolism

The lollipop tattoo is a popular and interesting tattoo design that often incorporates symbolic meaning. Lollipops, as we all know, are sweet and sugary confections enjoyed around the world. The origin of the lollipop can be traced back to ancient times when suckers were made out of spongy bread dough and drenched in honey. Today, … Read more

Pickle tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoos are serious business, so you want to make sure it’s something that’s meaningful to YOU. Just because its meaning is deep to one person doesn’t mean it’ll have the same effect on YOU. What’s the meaning behind Pickle tattoos? Most of the time, people get pickle tattoos as a representation of their sour attitude. … Read more

Corn Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

In some cultures, corn is a very popular symbol for tattoos. In African cultures, the corn was one of the first plants to be cultivated by humans. The Egyptians used it as medicine and grain. It also appears in many Native American cultures where they call it maize which means ‘life’. What does a Corn … Read more

Cheese tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you are looking for a new n fun tattoo idea, then having a cheese tattoo can be a great option. It’s sweet, crisp and fatty. It is one of the most commonly loved food items, no matter if you are a vegan or not. For some people, cheese can be life dripping down your … Read more