Peach tattoo meaning and symbolism

The peach, the fruit of beauty and eternal youth is one of the most popular fruits in tattooing. Most often it may be seen on a belly or hips as well as on a full back. What’s the meaning behind peach tattoos? A peach tattoo can be a symbol of fertility, fruitfulness, and femininity. It … Read more

Pear tattoo meaning and symbolism

The pear tattoo design is one of the oldest traditional tattoos. It was mainly used as a medical symbol, but also originates from many other traditions and cultures. In its medical context, it is said to strengthen the muscles and has a calming effect on the wearer. The pear tattoo can have several symbolic meanings … Read more

Lemon tattoo meaning and symbolism

Lemon tattoo meaning is closely tied to the vibrant yellow fruit which represents fresh starts in life, joy, and purity. When it comes down to drawing imagery from nature, lemons are probably one of the top choices for tattoos due to their bright yellow color which immediately attracts attention and is very eye-catching. So what … Read more

Mango tattoo meaning and symbolism

The mango is a popular tattoo design, in the West as well as in Asia. The reasons for this popularity are manifold: from its delicious flesh with numerous health benefits to the many symbolic meanings it can have. What’s the meaning behind mango tattoos ? fertility, health and prosperity In Asia especially, but also in … Read more

Blueberry tattoo meaning and symbolism

When it comes to tattoos, blueberries are among the most popular images. A blueberry tattoo design fits on almost any part of the body and looks great in many different settings. No matter if you’re getting a simple outline or using an entire blueberry field as your new ink, there are plenty of unique meanings … Read more

Blackberry tattoo meaning and symbolism

Blackberry tattoos are one of the more popular tattoo designs. The symbol of the blackberry is rich in meaning and symbolism, making it perfect for a tattoo design or piece of body art. Blackberries are associated with various meanings depending on location, but common meanings include acting on impulse, temperance (especially when paired with other … Read more

Acorn tattoo meaning and symbolism

The acorn is a symbol of strength. It represents fertility, new beginnings, growth and potential. The oak tree is strong and sturdy, inspiring admiration for its beauty with representations that are “rough” around the edges – just like men! Many women gravitate to the symbolism of the acorn tattoo because it represents courage, independence and … Read more

Tomato tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tomatos, a symbol of love? That’s a myth. OK, it might be true for some of you but in general the tomato has another very interesting meaning which you’ll find out about right here. First of all: Why a tattoo with a tomato? There are probably as many reasons to get a tattoo with this … Read more

Coconut tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you are looking for more magical protection, or just want to use a little more natural magic the coconut tattoo is meant for you. In fact, the coconut is so important in Polynesian culture that entire islanders used it as their main food source and therefore much of tattooing was done on these islands. … Read more

What does a raspberry tattoo represent ?

A raspberry tattoo represents different things to different people. For some it’s a way to show their love for somebody by having the person’s initial in a raspberry cluster and where the heart would be has the name of that person in it. It is also used as an arc symbol showing support and protection … Read more