Red Butterfly Tattoo Meaning ( Growth and Passion ? )

Red Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are often used as symbols of healing because they transform from ugly caterpillars to beautiful creatures. The red butterfly symbolizes sensitivity and deep emotions, which is why it can represent the feminine side. The red butterfly tattoo first appeared in the early 1900s on circus sideshow banners advertising “tattoos for all. ” Butterflies was … Read more

Monopoly Man (Pennybags) Tattoo Meaning

monopoly man tattoo

If you’re a fan of The Monopoly board game and have been looking for the perfect tattoo design, look no further than the Monopoly Man! Originally drawn by Lizzy Magie, this classic black and white figure is now a staple in any tattoo artist’s repertoire. A monopoly man tattoo is a symbol that represents wealth … Read more

Tin Man Tattoo Meaning (heard of gold ?)

cute tin man tattoo

The Tin Man is a character from the popular story “Wizard of Oz“. He was originally just an ordinary human being made of tin, but later became human by having his heart replaced with a gold one. The Tin Man represents the common person who is searching for answers to life’s biggest questions, and is … Read more

Virtruvian Man Tattoo Meaning ( Divine Renaissance ?)


You’ve probably seen the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, “Virtruvian Man” – a man in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs outstretched. It’s one of those paintings you can’t help but stare at for hours on end. The “Virtruvian man” was created by Leonardo da Vinci around 1490. It features a muscular, … Read more

Hatchetman tattoo meaning ( freedom or criminality? )

Red Hatchetman tattoo on the ankle

Hatchet man tattoos are mostly seen around  Insane Clown Posse fans aka the Juggalos. This tattoo of a running man with dreadlocks holding a hatchet was first used as a logo for Psychopathic Records .  So what does the hatchetman tattoo mean ? This tattoo mostly represents the juggalo movement and subcultures. The meaning behind … Read more

Tigershark tattoo meaning ( dominance and solitude ? )

Traditional tigershark tattoo

Disclaimer :The meaning of tigershark tattoos (or any other tattoo design) depends largely on the individual’s perception. Some people associate sharks with danger, while others feel that they symbolize power, tenacity, and honor. As for a tiger shark tattoo, it is seen as strength and protection from harm because tigers are also considered dangerous animals. … Read more

Lion and elephant tattoo meaning ( Enjoying the chase ?)

Lion and elephant shoulder tattoo

While the lion is a symbol of courage and royalty ( king of the jungle), the elephant on the other hand is one of patience, faith, intelligence and trust. These two animals are both dominant in their own ways, but what do they mean when combined in a tattoo ? What’s the meaning behind lion … Read more

Girl and moon tattoo meaning ( Empowerment or Mystery ? )

Girl and moon tattoo

What do Girls and the moon have in common ? A woman’s body and the female cycle are connected to the Moon and the Earth. A woman, through her menstrual cycle, goes through the different lunar energies (new moon, first quarter, full moon, third quarter). exploringyourmind Girl and moon tattoos are on the trend, they … Read more