Plus Sign Tattoo Meaning: Good Things Add Up

Among the myriad symbols chosen for permanent ink, the humble plus sign (+) stands out for its simplicity and versatility. In this article, we’ll delve into the diverse interpretations and personal connections people forge with the plus sign as a tattoo, transcending its mathematical roots.

lady_nadal : And this happened yesterday, just because in life everything adds up, and we all need to stay positive ♥️

Positivity and Optimism

At its essence, the plus sign is a symbol of addition and positivity.

When translated into the world of tattoos, it often represents a commitment to maintaining a positive outlook on life.

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to me, this plus sign signifies a few things: that there is always more, that i want to add to this world, and that life is about learning to live well in the tension between something + something else.


The wearer may choose this symbol to emphasize the addition of good vibes, joy, and optimism to their daily experiences, serving as a constant reminder to focus on the positive aspects of life.

Unity and Inclusivity

Universally recognized as a symbol of addition or union, the plus sign can also signify a wearer’s belief in unity and inclusivity.

People who value bringing individuals together, fostering connections, and building communities may opt for the plus sign tattoo.

Others may not be so quick to plus-sign, but as Christians we want to be sure to plus-sign others. Next time you are hurt by what someone says, assume they had good intentions, give them the benefit of the doubt.


In this context, the ink becomes a representation of the wearer’s commitment to unity and creating spaces where everyone feels included.

Mathematical Minds

For enthusiasts of mathematics or those working in related fields, the plus sign tattoo can be a nod to their love for numbers, problem-solving, and logic.

It becomes a permanent mark of their affinity for the world of mathematics, symbolizing the joy and fulfillment derived from equations, calculations, and the pursuit of knowledge.

An ambulance sign ??

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An ambulance sign typically features a cross, which resembles a plus sign.

The cross is a widely recognized symbol for medical services and emergency assistance.

If someone has a personal connection to healthcare, has overcome health challenges, or has a deep appreciation for the work of medical professionals, they might choose a plus sign tattoo with the intention of referencing the ambulance sign as a symbol of resilience, gratitude, or admiration for those in the medical field.

Celebrities Embracing the Plus Sign Tattoo

The talented actress and musician Zoë Kravitz added a tiny plus sign to her upper right arm in 2016.

In a heartfelt explanation, she shared that the symbol represents the idea that there is always more to experience, a desire to add positivity to the world, and the acknowledgment that life is about navigating the tension between different elements.