Space Monkey Tattoo Meaning ( fantasy or rockNroll ? )

A space monkey is a tattoo that symbolizes jumping out of your comfort zone. The monkey represents yourself, the space context is whatever you are trying to do on your own, and the tattoo symbolizes overcoming obstacles.

For many people, tattoos are about projecting an identity or creating a personal statement. In this case, a space monkey tattoo is about valuing your own abilities enough to face challenges head-on. Space monkeys are often characterized as self-reliant or fearless. They may have the attitude that “anything is possible” and that there’s nothing holding them back from achieving their goals.

One night, five friends got drunk and decided to jump out of their personal space. In an attempt to celebrate the release, they received tattoos to commemorate their leap of faith. (not recommended attitude)

Other common Space Monkey tattoo meanings

Spacemonkeyz (group that remixed the Gorillaz album in 2002)

Spacemonkeyz are a musical group consisting of Darren Galea, Richie Stevens and Gavin Dodds. this meaning was posted on reddit by u/skkf 

Good catch! The tattoo was actually inspired a little bit by gorillaz art style 🙂

space monkey tattoo
@u/skkf on reddit

i found another tattoo posted by u/jgamrot with the same Gorillaz reference but OP this time wasn’t aware of it when he chose this tattoo

UPPPPPPPPP : Well gorillaz actually have a remixed album with a group called Space Monkeyz, so that may be the tattoo inspiration.

jgamrot : I’m afraid it wasn’t. Although people have asked. I just thought it was a cool idea
space monkey tattoo

Tribute to launching Monkeys and apes into space

Ham, a chimpanzee, became the first great ape in space during his January 31, 1961, suborbital flight aboard Mercury-Redstone 2
astronaute monkey tattoo

The space monkey is a symbol of the ability to escape your normal life for some time or simply put: a monkey driving space ship. The symbol of breaking out of the cage you are in, abandoning your comfort zone and going for it despite all odds.

Fantasy and child dreams 

space monkey tattoo
A funky space monkey! This beautiful soul wanted a tattoo inspired by a beloved stuffed animal that captured a feeling of whimsy and wonder @liquidcolorstudio