The D’Amelio Family Bonds Over Tattoos

The D’Amelio family is back with another episode of The D’Amelio Show, and this time, they are getting tattoos together! In season 2 episode 8, the family decides to bond over permanent ink and create lasting memories together.

Dixie’s Tattoo Dilemma

In the episode, Dixie is hesitant about getting a family tattoo, unlike the rest of her family.

She worries that she may end up hating the person she got a tattoo with, causing her to regret the decision.

However, her family convinces her to join in on the fun and get a tattoo that means something to her.

charlie got her dog rebel’s name tattooed in her arm

A Tattoo for Each Family Member

The family decides to get tattoos that represent each member of the family.

Marc, the father, gets a cross with shining lights, which was a tattoo his father had.

Heidi, the mother, gets tattoos of the initials of her children, as well as a heart that Charlie’s grandmothers drew.

Overcoming Fear of Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is not something that everyone is comfortable with, and Heidi is no exception.

She explains that she always thought she would die with no tattoos and be an old lady with none.

However, she overcomes her fear and decides to get inked with her family, proving that it’s never too late to try something new.

Reflection and Family Support

Throughout the episode, Heidi reflects on life and the importance of family.

She acknowledges that life is short and wants to create lasting memories with her family.

She also talks about how the highs and lows of life come and go, but family support remains constant.

The Las Vegas Trip

The D’Amelio family takes a trip to Las Vegas to get their tattoos done. They have a great time together, and Heidi even gets a tattoo removed, showing that even mistakes can be corrected.


In conclusion, The D’Amelio Show season 2 episode 8 is a heartwarming episode that showcases the importance of family and creating lasting memories. The family’s decision to get tattoos together is a great way to bond and show their love for each other. It’s a reminder that life is short, and we should make the most of the time we have with the people we love.