Flower with Gas mask tattoo meaning (explained)

This blog post is all about flower with gas mask tattoo meaning. As you know, tattoos are a form of expression as old as time. Choosing to get a tattoo can be an exciting and deeply personal experience for anyone, but what does it actually mean to get a flower with gas mask tattoo? The … Read more

Fishtail Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism ( Explained )

Fishtail tattoos are a fairly new addition to the tattoo world. The meaning of this tattoo is that it is a symbol of being free, open-minded and versatile in all aspects of life. Fishtail tattoos are often linked with Pisces, which has long been associated with the idea of spiritual growth, creativity, and freewill. Some … Read more

Dancing skeleton tattoo meaning [ Explained ]

dancing skeleton leg tattoo

Do you want to show off your dance moves while having a bit of fun with a little bit of controversy? Well, then, a dancing skeleton tattoo might be for you. It’s basically just a skull in motion with some pretty cool looking dancing pad moves. There are different ideas on what the dancing skeleton … Read more

Dagger thru eye tattoo meaning ( Explained )

dagger thru eye tattoo

The eye tattoo is a symbol for protection and to ward off the evil eye, while dagger is a symbol of power, protection, and defense. Combining these two symbols together can have a totally different meaning Let’s dig deeper ! The meaning behind the dagger thru eye tattoo vangence Ever heard of the saying “an … Read more

Eye and clock tattoo meaning ( explained )

Eye and clocks are separately the most used symbols in tattoos, due to their significance in everyone’s day to day. While eyes symbolize protection and knowledge , clocks are the significance of time and how it affects us. The trend lately is to combine these two tattoos into one , by putting the clock on … Read more

Eye and Moon tattoo meaning [explained]

moon eye arm tattoo

The eye and the moon symbolize protection, tranquility, and insight – all useful if you’re looking for a tattoo to wear when you’re feeling vulnerable or uneasy. The crescent of the moon often represents femininity and fertility, which ties into many different cultural beliefs about mothers and goddesses. Whether you want a small tattoo on … Read more

Scorpion with a Rose Tattoo Meaning [ explained ]

scorpion with a rose tattoo

Ever looked at a scorpion with a rose tattoo and wondered what it means? Well, you’re not alone! This blog post will walk you through the meaning of this rather iconoclastic tattoo choice. What does a scorpion with a rose tattoo mean? The rose symbolizes strength and beauty because it can be both fragile and … Read more

Butterfly and dagger tattoo meaning [ Explained ]

In the world of tattooing, there are some really amazing and meaningful designs. There is one particular design that has its roots in the ancient times. It is called a butterfly and dagger. Butterflies represent transformation, beauty, power of flight, etc – while daggers represent death, pain, war and victory over evil forces. Looking at … Read more

Snake and Ladder Tattoo Meaning [ Explained ]

snake and ladder tattoo

Tattoos are a personal choice, and many people make the decision to get a tattoo because they’ve fallen in love with the imagery. One of these many tattoos is the snake and ladder tattoo. With this tattoo meaning, the snake climbs up a ladder to reach heaven, but falls down when it sees that it … Read more

Snake and Peony Tattoo Meaning [ Explained ]

Snake and Peony back tattoo

Do you know the story behind this tattoo? It’s actually a Chinese saying that loosely translates to “safe and sound“. The snake is an emblem for wisdom and protectiveness, while the peony represents fertility. For those reasons, these tattoos are often done together for couples for good luck with conceiving children. The snake and peony … Read more