Dancing skeleton tattoo meaning [ Explained ]

Do you want to show off your dance moves while having a bit of fun with a little bit of controversy? Well, then, a dancing skeleton tattoo might be for you. It’s basically just a skull in motion with some pretty cool looking dancing pad moves.

dancing skeleton leg tattoo

There are different ideas on what the dancing skeleton symbolizes or means, but most agree that there is some deeper meaning behind this image. The bottom line is that they say it all depends on how you see them or wear them.

In this article we will dig deeper and find what are the most common meanings associated with this tattoo.

Let’s go.

What’s the meaning behind Dancing skeleton tattoo ?

A dancing skeleton tattoo depicts a skeleton that dances to music. Such tattoos are often given by friends as a humorous reminder of someone’s mortality, or as an inside joke on the wearer’s personality. Another common portrayal is that of the Grim Reaper, who is sometimes depicted in the form of a dancing skeleton.

dancing skeleton ankle tattoo

The macabre of life

Life is a tragedy to most people it seems, who have a narrow or bleak outlook on it. We all know each other will die one day, no matter how much we try to avoid or deny it. So why not take the opposite stance and have some fun with death? This is the case of skeleton tattoos.

Dancing skeleton arm tattoo

A popular thought says that only when we laugh at death, can we defy its power. Skeleton tattoos are a perfect example of this thought – they symbolize the fragility of life and our existence , but also can be used to mock death itself by laughing at it.

Enjoying life

This is probably one of the most common meanings attributed to these tattoos. The idea is that it is a reminder of how to enjoy life as much as possible before you are “Danced into the ground“. By wearing this tattoo, you are essentially telling the world that you will live and enjoy every second that you possibly can.

Dancing skeleton arm tattoo

Another take on the meaning behind these tattoos is that they represent your own mortality and how precious life really is. This tattoo conveys a deep appreciation for living, especially when it has been taken for granted or disregarded in any way.

Afterlife party !

colorful Dancing skeleton arm tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of the afterlife that we all hope to go after this life. It is a symbol of the party that is thrown for us when we do die and move on. This tattoo shows your appreciation for life and the hope of a better one to come.


Dancing skeleton ankle tattoo

Some people have these tattoos done as a way of mourning the death of loved ones or other unfortunate events in their life. Sometimes it can represent an event in your life that was so sad, you feel as though you need this image to remember and reflect on it at all times to keep you going.

We can tell this tattoo artist had too much fun doing it