Fish In A Bag Tattoo meaning ( explained )

Do you think that society is cramping your style? Are you not sure of your identity anymore? Do you feel like people are draining what’s out of you and that it’s time to get your groove back? If so, then this tattoo has your name written all over it.

fish in plastic bag tattoo

Wondering what a fish in a plastic bag tattoo means? The fish in a plastic bag tattoo is said to symbolize someone who’s lost their feelings, or someone being drained of personal energy. It can also stand for someone who’s been emotionally hurt by others. Pinpointing its meaning is a bit easier if you look at the rest of the body of work.

These are the two basic interpretations of the fish in a plastic bag tattoo:

  • The first one says that this represents someone adapting to someone else’s ideas,
  • the second one says that it’s about someone who is being taken advantage of and not getting their own way.

This is a popular tattoo design which represents the idea of being restricted and confined in life like how fish are trapped in bags. The phrase “fish out of water” is often used to describe people who struggle when they try to adapt their lifestyle to new surroundings and this can be used as an analogy for this tattoo design.

What does a Fish In A Plastic Bag Tattoo says about you ?

When you get a fish in a plastic bag tattoo, you’re effectively saying that you are changing who you are as an individual. You want to stand up for yourself, but find that it’s hard because everything around you is pushing you to be something else. When someone asks “what does this symbolize?”, they’ll be asking what the fish inside the plastic bag represents. Is it a fish that’s still alive? Or is it a fish that’s been eaten by the plastic bag? To put it simply, you don’t want to conform to society at all.

Do you get a fish in a plastic bag tattoo when you’re going through a bad patch in your life ?

People say that the fish represents being trapped in your problems, but this can really depend on the person and their situation. For example, someone could have had his tattoo done when he is going through a divorce.

Hopefull note: While the meaning of a fish in a bag tattoo is quite depressing, seeing this symbol in your dreams may bring you good fortune as stated in checkmydream :

… The dreamer will be successful at work, in the business area, will have good profits, and successful endeavors …

Some fish in a bag tattoo ideas

Fish couple in a plastic bag tattoo


Do you remember the rihanna song “we found love in a hopeless place” ? it’s kinda the message behind this tattoo. it can be a very cute couple tattoo.

Realistic big fish in a bag tattoo

Realistic big fish in a bag tattoo

Cartoon fish in a bag tattoo

Cartoon fish in a bag tattoo
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