Tin Man Tattoo Meaning (heard of gold ?)

The Tin Man is a character from the popular story “Wizard of Oz“. He was originally just an ordinary human being made of tin, but later became human by having his heart replaced with a gold one.

The Tin Man represents the common person who is searching for answers to life’s biggest questions, and is also symbolic of someone who has a good heart.

tin man tattoo

Tin Man Tattoo Meanings and Symbolism

1) Overly sensitive

When he accidentally crushed an insect while walking on the Yellow Brick Road to see the great Wizard, he was grief-stricken


Tin Man tattoo on the arm

2) Feeling of being overwhelmed

In the same scene above, he was seen taking his axe in hand and began to chop down a tree in an attempt to relieve his pain.

tin man tattoo

3) Yearning for heart’s desire

His simple heart’s desire was to be made into a real man so that he would be able to find a good heart and love; something that very few people find true happiness with.

tin man tattoo

4) A desire to be noble

that’ why he became a hero. He would stop at nothing to protect those who are weak or are in need of assistance.

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5) Desire to be free from limitations in all areas of life, particularly in work/career/business.

Our abilities are blocked by irrational fear and/or insecurity. We may also feel as though our talents have been overlooked or not adequately appreciated.

cute tin man tattoo

6) Helpless Romantic

I’m not good enough for her. I wish I could make her care for me” His heart is his greatest weapon, and he uses it to help others.

tin man tattoo

7) Honor organ donors 

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I got this tattoo to honor organ donors & for my dad the tin man who needed a heart and received one.


tin man tattoo
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