7 Nico Robin Tattoo Ideas (only fans would recognize)

So, You want to get a tattoo of Nico Robin ? Let’s talk first about this misterious character 

She has popularly desired character traits (calm, badass in battle, mature etc) and no offensive gag (her main gag is hilarious dark humour). That said, she’s just good as a character overall, heavily underutilized in post-timeskip and not all that dynamic.

She’s a strong independent archeologist, basically the lara croft of one piece. 

She’s got undeniably great development, but she hasn’t done a whole lot in the story since she became a more fitting member of the crew. I think the main issue with Robin is that she was set up as a mysterious character and once all her mysteries were solved, Oda couldn’t really find a surefire way to keep her consistently interesting and entertaining, like he does with the East Blue Five for the most part.

9 Original Nico Robin Tattoo Ideas

“I want to live” scene

"I want to live" scene tattoo

Iconic scene from one piece, buti dunno how it looks to someone who doesnt know One Piece. Crying woman saying i want to live? Bit of a scary thing to display. GankMid

Robin obviously has severe depression and Oda is actually portraying it well. Saul met her and realized she was a depressed and lost child like he was and told her the important life lesson on how to laugh and realize one day she’ll find her reason to laugh for real on the Sea.

When she discovers that the Alabasta Poneglyph, something she’d worked years investing her hopes in fulfilling her ambition was a dud she immediately contemplated suicide and gave up on life. She tagged along with Luffy because she was mad he stopped her.

The moment her depression first started to manifest was Skypeia Poneglyph was a dud as well, but Gol D. Rodger left a message promising the answer was at the end of the grand line. He’d seen it, and left a word of encouragement for the next seeker that got that far.

That’s when you see Robin first become happy, and honestly laugh as she “escapes” with Luffy and crew from Skypeia with the Gold. She finally embarks on the adventure, no longer giving into depression.

Then she is willing to do the next thing a depressed mind is willing to do, jump to self sacrifice to protect her friends, still not valuing her own life at water seven. And Luffy saves her Again at Ennies lobby, by asking her what she wants and is willing to risk his life to protect her dream.

Her depression finally breaks and she finally accepts herself, and becomes the woman that can save others by joining the Revolutionaries and passing on the salvation she recieved.

Nico Robin power on a tattoo

Nico Robin power on a tattoo 

Robin already has superhuman strength by using lots of arms, she can multiply her strength hundreds of times, by applying more bone and muscle to the task, that would put her at least at a 1000 douriki at the least (considering her base strength as a normal marine, most likely higher, and a sprout of a 100 arms, but she can use even more now).

Also she only needs the basic haki, to bypass intangibility, so she can sprout her limbs on anyone, even if someone has stronger haki, she just needs to spam more limbs to suffocate her opponent or break bones.

Nico Robin as “Devil Child” on a tattoo

Nico Robin devil transformation on a tattoo

Nico robin is called the devil child because her village learned an ancient language which was lost to time and deemed illegal to know how to read the language. Well as a small child at the age of 7, robin learned how to read the language. But around the same time of mastering the language, the Marines set an attack on her village killing off everyone using “something” at the time, but nowadays we know of them as ultimate weapons of mass destruction. The village was only able to get robin off the island in time before the strike. Robin got to watch her friends and family die and watch the island she grew up on literally disappear. Robin can never go back home for the marines wiped it off the map.

Robin was the only survivor after the raid, so from then on robin was fighting for her life at the young age of 7 with a bounty on her head of 75k so much to the point she started having to kill in order to survive because adults at every turn tried manipulating her and trying to turning her in. So she gained the name “devil child nico robin” because she was deemed dangerous and could kill you. (At the time, they didnt know a small child had devil fruit powers either)