Skull on Book Tattoo Meaning ( learn until you’re dead ? )

skull on book tattoo

So you’ve seen this intriging Skull on a Book tattoo on a friend and you’re a bit worried ? or you maybe want this tattoo on you but you’re not sure about how it will be percieved ?  Let’s talk about what it means to have this tattoo. learn until you die – there’s always … Read more

Tin Man Tattoo Meaning (heard of gold ?)

cute tin man tattoo

The Tin Man is a character from the popular story “Wizard of Oz“. He was originally just an ordinary human being made of tin, but later became human by having his heart replaced with a gold one. The Tin Man represents the common person who is searching for answers to life’s biggest questions, and is … Read more

Hatchetman tattoo meaning ( freedom or criminality? )

Red Hatchetman tattoo on the ankle

Hatchet man tattoos are mostly seen around  Insane Clown Posse fans aka the Juggalos. This tattoo of a running man with dreadlocks holding a hatchet was first used as a logo for Psychopathic Records .  So what does the hatchetman tattoo mean ? This tattoo mostly represents the juggalo movement and subcultures. The meaning behind … Read more

Fish In A Bag Tattoo meaning ( explained )

Do you think that society is cramping your style? Are you not sure of your identity anymore? Do you feel like people are draining what’s out of you and that it’s time to get your groove back? If so, then this tattoo has your name written all over it. Wondering what a fish in a … Read more

Dancing skeleton tattoo meaning [ Explained ]

dancing skeleton leg tattoo

Do you want to show off your dance moves while having a bit of fun with a little bit of controversy? Well, then, a dancing skeleton tattoo might be for you. It’s basically just a skull in motion with some pretty cool looking dancing pad moves. There are different ideas on what the dancing skeleton … Read more

Succubus tattoo meaning and symbolism

Succubus tattoos are often portrayed as women or demons with wings coming out of their backs. They come from the tales of the medieval period where they would take on a female form to seduce men in order to suck their life energy. Succubi are not purely evil, they can be caring depending on their … Read more

The meaning behind 777 tattoo

One of the most widely spread tattoo myths is about the number 777. It usually goes like this: “The meaning behind 777 tattoos is that it represents 7 virtues and 7 sins.” The common meanings behind the 777 tattoo (I found throughout Internet) say that it stands for perfection, spirituality, divine completion or illumination. One … Read more

Orange tattoo meaning ( joy and happiness)

Shining orange Venus and a compass arm tattoo

Tattoos in general are a great way to express yourself and your personality. Orange tattoos are no exception to this rule. A person wearing an orange tattoo could be trying to break out of their shell or they could be trying to show that they’re a fun person. Source : Instagram The color orange is … Read more