koi and eyeball tattoo meaning

Koi and eye tattoos can have different meanings depending on the cultural context and personal interpretation. Here are some possible interpretations: Koi tattoos Koi tattoos are often associated with Japanese culture and symbolize strength, perseverance, and determination. According to legend, koi fish swim upstream to reach a waterfall, and those who are able to climb … Read more

Skull on hand tattoo meaning

Skull on hand tattoo

Do you want to get a skull tattooed on your hand ? or you’ve just seen it elsewhere and are curious what it means? either way, this article is for you. we will go in detail about the meaning behind this “somehow dark” tattoo. Let’s dive in! skull on hand tattoos and showing your rebelious … Read more

Symbolism of the Three Mountain Tattoo : Climbing to New Heights

Discover the rich symbolism and powerful meaning behind the three mountain tattoo! From representing family and parenthood, to personal growth and religious faith, this tattoo is a beautiful tribute to the important aspects of life. Learn more about the different interpretations and how you can incorporate this design into your own tattoo to commemorate your … Read more

Snake and Sun Tattoos: A Powerful Message

Snake and sun tattoos can be seen as a visual representation of the journey towards enlightenment. The snake symbolizes transformation and personal growth, while the sun represents light, hope, and new beginnings. When combined, these two symbols can represent the idea of moving from darkness to light, and from ignorance to knowledge. In many cultures, … Read more

707 tattoo meanings ( nana fan ? )

The “707” tattoo is a reference to the Nana manga series, where the main characters, Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki, live in apartment 707. The tattoo symbolizes a fan’s connection to and appreciation for the series. It is often used as a personal and meaningful representation of the impact the series has had on them. … Read more

Meanings of the 713 Tattoo: From Area Code to Personal Symbolism”

A 713 tattoo can have a variety of meanings, as the combination of numbers is often used to represent something personal to the person who gets the tattoo. Some possible interpretations of the 713 tattoo include its significance as an area code, its representation of a specific event or group, and its cultural significance. The … Read more

Meaning of the Heart Under Eye Tattoo

Have you ever seen a celebrity with a heart tattooed under their eye and wondered what it might mean? This tattoo design is becoming increasingly popular among stars, and it holds a lot of significance for those who choose to get it. From pop singers like Justin Bieber, to actors like Amanda Bynes, and even … Read more